"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

color me Eiffel-Tower green again!

Finally! I just got back to my paris home, after having spent more than 6 hours on a FUCKING train! A fucking train that was supposed to take only about 3 and a half hours to get here; but then, we had a 'minor incident on the rails ahead of us', so they made the train stop for almost 2 hours on a godforsaken piece of middle-of-nowhere rural boring countryside french (some might call it cul-de-sac, right?) wasteland, in the middle of cow cattles and wine fields (champagne you know)! And, HELL, I didn't even have a camera on me to take pictures of those cows! So no cow pictures! Nope! I know how depressed you must feel now, dear reader, but so do I: I missed out a fabulous oportunity to go talk to the rural locals about cow-related stuff...
At least they did let us out of the train to get some air. But that's the moment everyone was waiting for to hurry outside like a bunch of wild animals just to hastily light up a cigarette after spending long hours on a non-smoking train.... So I stayed inside and made fun of those addicts as they blew out their huge grey smoke clouds into the evening air, making smoke signals to the indigenous folks -fortunately we left the area before they deciphered our message and showed up with pitchforks, trying to kill us all, as the supposedly did on the other train (remember the 'minor incident in front of us'?...Smoke signals! Never EVER smoke outisde in the countryside or they'll get your ass!) OK; this was nonsensical enough I think!

Still, I'm lucky to be back. It feels so good to re-escape some of that hectic family life of the past 4 days I spent in Easterbunny-crazy Luxembourg.... I didn't even get to paint my eggs! Can you believe it?

Now I gotta go unpack my stuff, and slowly start putting up some interesting posts from those last days of 'EXTREME EASTERING'


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