"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Is there a life outside of my appartment?

"Hell is other people!"

I'd like to see hell then, 'cause I've been inside these walls for the whole day. If it weren't for that window and this magic internet connection, it would feel like Guantanamo Bay... without the orange suits. Damn my exam revisions! Damn the 18th century!

I opened the window earlier, and the fresh air was reinvigorating my senses. At least I get some interaction by this blog, but it somehow feels very one-sided. Maybe no one reads this stuff. Maybe no one cares. Nobody cares about blogs, everyone has one, you just browse as if it was a supermarket.... where am I going with this? No idea, but I need to get some writing exercise.

I want to start painting some more, do portraits and ink drawings.

I close my eyes and my head starts to turn around, I nearly collapsed a few minutes ago.

I gotta get out tomorrow, or else I start to create an imaginary friend in a parallel universe and then go wondering why the hell I can't see him...

And I'm out of toilet paper and post-its fyi.


1 Responses to “Is there a life outside of my appartment?”

  1. # Blogger .

    This is EXACTLY how I felt all day. Except I went and took a few walks. Yes. One walk was apparently not enough.

    Get. yourself. outside. tomorrow. !.  

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