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Paris - art and architecture walk 1

Ready. Steady. Here we go:

Palais Galliera -Fashion museum of Paris actually hosting "GALLIEROCK" by JCDC"Carte blanche to Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (JCDC): this is the formula chosen by the musée Galliera for the first exhibition devoted to him in Paris. Made-to-measure for this visionary creator who has never stopped trying to install an entertaining dialogue between fashion, history, design, art and music. In the first room a giant Rubik's® cube flashes to the rhythms of its extraordinary colours. Next is the restoration of a ""cabinet de curiosités"" with one of Napoleon's dressing gowns, armour that may have belonged to Joan of Arc, a key from the Bastille and other marvels scattered around, tiny traces of history with a capital H causing a return to meaning and emotion. The third room is the throne room where dresses, diversions and visual quotes from the creator are displayed in majesty, flanked by standards. The final room is a compilation of the creator's emblematic models, samples of his inspiration, influenced by trends in contemporary art, rock and hip-hop sounds, urban vibrations."
JCDC is also known for his ephemeral chalk drawings on urban locations, such as this one...
I will try to sneak in with my camera to get (illegal) pictures for you folks, as the show is hot!
Next stop: The Municipal Museum of Modern Art (left) and the snazzy Palais de Tokyo, contemporary art center (on the right), sharing their beautiful building from the 1937 world exhibition.
Work in the Palais de Tokyo is still going on for the upcoming show 'La Marque Noire' which will open next week as you can see.
The Dutch artistic duo Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan explore political questions, ranging from the status of the artist to the economic consequences experienced by a country joining the European Union.
For their new work, the artists have travelled from Poland to Nigeria researching the cost of sugar in the world. Intrigued by the derisory price of European sugar outside Europe, they decided to reverse the flow of sugar by buying the European excess cheaply in Nigeria and shipping it back to Europe. The result of this expedition, Monument en sucre [Monument of Sugar], is shown at the Palais de Tokyo with a 16mm film, sculptures made of sugar and a publication that follow the whole process of making the works.A dramatic perspective through Sugar Avenue

PDT is also a great place to hang around for high-end weird design stuff at their shop and some great food at the restaurant, and boasts also an excellent library!

The terrace front to the Seine is actually in a very bad state, but if you're a skater or graffiti artist, this is the place to be seen! The graffiti start to cover up most parts of the building, even though construction and restoration work is under wayAnd if you happen to miss some good spraying space, there are plenty of trees left
Let's have a skater BBQ!

No stroll through the neighborhood is complete without a trip round the Iron Dick of Paris...
...or playing peek-a-boo in the gardens of Quai Branly Museum
Number 39 Avenue George V, a building under restoration work, covered in a nice weird psychedelic facade design that would make Prefect Haussmann's mind go crazy.

A really interesting new facade concept for this building on the Champs Elysées, where tradition and modernity get into fusion. The whole facade is made out of moulded concrete blocks, and occasional minimalist windows stick out of it.
I will put up an elaborate blog on this one, as I try to find out who made it, and there are lots of more pictures to come///

Now for some Louis:
This magnificent building was opened in 1914 on the Champs Elysées, and was the biggest travel-goods store in the world at the time.

Abandoned shopping cart in front of the Mercedes-Benz showroom, Champs Elysées

The freshly renovated Travellers Club Paris boasts excellent location on the Champs and some of the most dazzling interiors of the gilded age. It was one of the numerous town mansions built for the Marchioness of Paîva, a grand socialite of Paris high society.

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