"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Ecole du Louvre, Exam Session no2! WHOOPEE!!

Today was the day I finally had my contemporary art exam! Aka sitting on your ass during 4 full hours, trying to come up with some new ideas that you cannot explain, on something you don*t understand, trying to please people you*re not certain about... the usual stuff!
The subject was "In what way does the idea of theater help understand certain contemporary artist*s projects?" What a great title! Much better than "contemporary art for complete idiots" or "the very early works of Samuel Beckett compared to the objective perception of theatricality in Art and Objecthood"!
4 hours later I was a free man again! Whoopee!!! Sweet Freedom! Fresh air! Liberty!
The school looking deserted, as usual! And so clean you wanna take off your shoes and slide along the hallways on your socks!

My foot
The gateway to our amphitheaters
Oh, and we don*t take a number to wait in line for our inscription, we get cartons with posh lettering and a number, and then seat ourselves on our marble stone benches, waiting for the assistant to come and get us! We also have a heated pool and a spa zone downstairs, and they do serve us shrimp cocktails at the cafeteria! Things have gone down, since last year, when we used to get our caviar canapés! Shrimps! Pah! How common!
Sweet liberty is just outside the front porch! Get off that phone, I wanna play!
Hey Elisa!
The view from our front stairs. Somehow there is construction work going on once again
Guislaine and our school mascot

Eeeew, me touching my first vajayjay! Tight lips?
Are you lactating, my dear?
Going for a drink later on, and talks on art related stuff, or so...

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2 Responses to “Ecole du Louvre, Exam Session no2! WHOOPEE!!”

  1. # Blogger .

    Oh shit. You've gone straight on me. What have you done?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hmmm, are you american? and do you go to the ecole du louvre? 'cause I'm taking the epreuve this march, and I'm wondering just how difficult it is when you are an anglophone, and can only make one mistake in french grammar out of 300 words... hmmmm... if you ARE, you know, anglophone, and you want to help out a little new yorkaise in paris, email me please?  

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