"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


Ready for a short "best of" of the FIAC articultural extravaganzatastic?
Great, then let*s go:

First stop: the Louvre site inside the Cour CarréeThis space is usually filled with some of the best established and emerging contemporary art galleries
This is a great way to store your umbrellas on a rainy day...

It* so hard to hang yourself nowadays! Confused?
The US flag is always a show favorite
2 sides of the wall
the wall
Car sex
Sometimes I wonder about the pricing of these things
How to make sure your bike doesn*t get stolen
First aid?
North Korea, the triumphant arch
Commies? Here?
Paris disappeared
Use? Sculpture!
Dolby Surround
Model model
As I said... political art...
every gallery has its own way to furnish the "office" space, usually with designer furniture stuff or antiques of design history
A history of Sarkozy

mmmh leather boy...
How to dispose of your ancestors and make a fashion statement at the same time
Where*s the art?
Photo, champagne and my feet
Get him guys!
Putinesque art catalogues
Picasso Sex
what keeps our medias alive
Spikey burkalicious lady and me
Woohoo, beer!
Conspiracy board
Buy it fast, before the fish starve
Is your floor up for sale?
Love this one
This is what the Beatles from outa space look like
It*s a sale!
Hollywood Glamorama-Erotorama
There*s a mirror underneath those photo post-its
A christmas ornament
An artist with a vision
black is chic
An electric chair made with hundreds of VCR tapes

The Al-jazeira sign made with cables
Interconnected friendship?
A portrait-sculpture made with stamps
young buyer
Hi mom!
Jeez, where did ya get those tatoos?
A map of Paris made with tourist hotel business cards
And we have a winner!!
Great chairs
This is the main cable lines powering the whole FIAC space...way too easy to cut up?
Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the Grand Palais FIAC site
Some more stuff to sell
Wee! I*m on a doubledecker bus!
On the way 1
On the way 2
Arrival at the Grand Palais
So much to see
OMG I would buy this Ron Arad library immediately!!!
Not art
Detail of a red ball sculpture
Ladies in the waiting
From a ball to a head and back again
An original early Warhol!!! Orgasmic!
This gorilla sculpture is entirely done with coathangers
I*m behind the rope? Or in front of it?
Get me another bottle of champagne!
The image on the right part of the screen is actually me
chalk can be used for paintings?
The refrigerators of the disco era! Shake it baby!
Wim Delvoye action figures (the Cloaca guy)
Finally someone wearing CHANEL...
You look smashing!
Love this one!
Aw, cute!
Children can be cruel sometimes

Your nazi grand-grand parents?
I always carry explosives around on the metro
Shock and Chic(k)
It*s the Piss of Death!!
Are you ducking?
He bought a lot today
waiting legs
walking legs
way back home
me back home with my Wim Delvoye balloon

Thanks for watching, comments appreciated!

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4 Responses to “FIAC ME! I*m FAMOUS!”

  1. # Blogger .

    What an incredible show with fantastic works! FIAC looks like the king of all art expos. I want that Gorilla now, and perhaps a few of those chairs.

    And yes, that library is amazing.  

  2. # Blogger Mademoiselle Soleil

    I wish I could go there and look at everything.

    I really liked that old lady in the blue dress haha  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Absolutely enchanting, Cedric! What a show! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was pleased that there was at least one woman [in PARIS] wearing Chanel...!  

  4. # Blogger designscene

    thats gorgeous! thanks for that  

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