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Sarkozy unwraps his present in Egypt

Sarkozy (52) and his bitchy model-turned-singer girlfriend, Carla Bruni (39), arrived holding hands in Luxor Tuesday.
Just two months after the French president's divorce from his wife of 11 years, Cecilia, our new bling-bling Sarkozy is showing off his new flame to the press.
He already appeared with her in the public a few days ago while they were having fun in Euro Disneyland. Apparently it was a secret event (why then did a pool of 12 press photographers who were there 'by chance' follow them around snapping flash pictures of them?)
Sarkozy in Disneyland? What*s next? Ahmadinedjad in a synagogue?
Isn*t Sarkozy supposed to work?
I don*t even know where to start my rant on this spot!
Bruni has dated a range of famous men, including Mick Jagger and Donald Trump, and has also reportedly been linked to singer Eric Clapton. So why does she have to date this ridiculously dwarfed little emperor of France now? According to unnamed sources Sarkozy may already have asked for her hand.

Is this the new image of a country?
Has France become the new Italy ?
Sarko the new Berlusconi?

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4 Responses to “Sarkozy unwraps his present in Egypt”

  1. # Blogger nico

    But I love her records...well, the first one it better than the second one but still, lovely.  

  2. # Blogger Unknown

    Oh I actually never heard any of her songs... my bad  

  3. # Blogger Mademoiselle Soleil

    my friend's grandmother lived in France.. and still looks like it.. and I was talking to her about the new Pres and she told me that Zarkozy's new gf sang too. she mentioned the old one's wife and how she was a sell out to Elle magazine..  

  4. # Blogger Cedric Benetti

    you mean Bernadette Chirac?
    Good old Bernadette had hordes of female admirers whith the same hairdo and Chanel suits, holding on tightly to their precious handbags.
    I call those elderly women "Bernadettes". Got a whole flock of them sitting in my lectures...  

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