"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


Coming to you live from the wifi hotspot from the private lounge of the Queen*s Grill onboard the QMII. Somewhere on the early Atlantic. I guess we lost eye contact with the continent somewhere early this morning.

Life onboard this floating palace is amazing. People are everywhere onboard. Food is to be found in any place you could think of. So many people are eating and drining the whole day. A guy at my dinner table told me he lost 6 kilos in advance so he could eat them back up onboard.

The whole place reminds one of a 1930s art deco ocean liner (wink wink Normandie) who got into contact with 21st century technology and accommodations. Right now I*m sitting in a 30s style lounge with wonderful art deco photographies of architectural details. The corridors are endless and you can literally walk your ass off when you*re on the wrong side of where you want to get to. Thankfully the staff (some +1000) crew members) is incredibly attentive and friendly. White gloves service everywhere. Even our stateroom*s private butler was in white gloves. Handshakes by everyone. Random encounters with the third age in the elevators. Occasionally you also see a non-wrinkled face. But that*s rare. Also a lot of disabled people onboard. The only thing that strikes me is the fact that not only the majority of the guests onboard are native English-speakers (UK + US); but it*s also impressive to note that practically everyone is white Caucasian. I haven*t seen any asian guests yet. No Japanese or Chinese. The only ones you see work in the crew. Weird coincidence?

Oh BTW getting here was big fun! I got no sleep for 2 days since 3AM was the early-morning starting time to go catch a plane to London…we got toSouthampton just in time…to wait for another 2 hours before boarding started. But it was worth it. You enter this ship as you enter a huge hotel lobby in NY when you*re a state guest. Lines of staff members in uniforms, orders and other lametta shiny bling greet you and shake hands, lead you to anywhere you want and never stop greeting you. You can walk past the same crew guy 5 times and he will always greet you.

Steaming out of the harbor yesterday afternoon, we came across the Queen Elizabeth II which was also boarding and ready to leave. Our 2 ships sirens were blasting cheerfully through the air like huge elephants. The QEII is also much smaller than QMII, and has a more human appeal. Crowds of people on both boats waved and cheered at each other, wishing a safe and fun passage to everyone. Small fishing boats and sailing boats followed us out of the harbor with waving couples inside. Champagne corks were popped on each and every private balcony and glasses clinged. People were ready for their journey.

After leaving the harbor, what do we do? Food of course. Food, glorious food, everywhere and at anytime. There are 15 restaurants and bars onboard, and some of them are serving till 5AM. Unfortunately there is a closing tme between 5 and 7AM where hungry passengers roam the corridors like a pack of hungry wolves, feasting on a steward or butler who occasionally crosses their path. Yes, those hours are the hardest ones with no food.

Let me finish off with some pictures I will post if my limited wifi permits me to do so.

More next time, you land people!







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  1. # Blogger .

    You're so handsome. :)  

  2. # Blogger Alparslan Çarkçı

    Everything seems AMAZING, but if they let you jump off the ocean and have fun in the water sometimes, that would be greater, eh? :) Don't they have jacuzzi there? :O  

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