"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

abandoned TV sets of Paris

lost tv
I went for a walk this afternoon, and guess what I found? Yet another abandoned TV screen in the streets of Paris. I got a whole collection of them. I love abandoned stuff here, it always intrigues me.

Does TV suck this bad in France?
Do people not want to pay the taxes the French state condemns its people to?
Then again, I know the answer to that question myself. I don't understand why you should pay taxes to be able to watch TV programs of this kinda quality... you know who you are, TV people. After all every one is trying to fool the state on not posessing a TV screen. Because if you do have one, they will want their money. And trust me, they will know. Sarkozy will break into your living room in order to find the TV set you're hiding under that piece of cloth in the wardrobe. He won't stop  until he gets his money. He despises you, you sneaky free-TV-over-the-Internet watcher. It is people like you who kill good TV quality in this country.

What TV quality you may ask. 


tv screen

tv screen
tv screen

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