"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Have a Lafayette Christmas

I'm not trying to push you towards extreme Xmas consumerism, I'm just the guy saying "Oh look, a bunch of colorful stuff with lights! How neat!" Having said that, go shop! GO! SHOP! Your economy needs you!
christmas tree galeries lafayette paris 2008

christmas tree galeries lafayette paris 2008
"Oh look, a bunch of colorful stuff with lights! How neat!"christmas tree galeries lafayette paris 2008

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48 Responses to “Have a Lafayette Christmas”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Cute LaFayette pictures. They raise nice memories of last year. And thoughts about consumerism, and waste of electricity... lovely.  

  2. # Blogger High Power Rocketry

    Wow what great images! Very happy to have found your blog,


  3. # Blogger dudara

    Fantastic pictures!  

  4. # Blogger ladymagnolia


    My first time stopping by your journal.

    These pictures are so beautiful! The ornaments so big and colorful. That tree is adorned beautifully. It reminds me of something we'd only see while dreaming. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures with us.


  5. # Blogger Traveling Mom

    What amazing photographs. You now how to bring out the beauty around you. Thank you.  

  6. # Blogger Cedric Benetti

    thanks to all of you lovely people :)  

  7. # Blogger Jan

    Cedric, your hair is fab and your blog is very 'interesting'  

  8. # Blogger 20 Something

    wow, love the pictures.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Great pictures! I can't wait to go to France!  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wonderful pics :)  

  11. # Blogger Fashion_Loving_Stylist

    Fabulous pictures.

    I love your blog and I think I may love you too.  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  16. # Blogger Alison ! Here !

    Wow ! well done.  

  17. # Blogger nosle todd

    It is a nice thing to come across your blog. todd nanu  

  18. # Blogger v

    Wow ... I'm always in for beautiful pictures. Congrats on blog of note.  

  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Awesome Site! You reached me, Mr., from the U.S. You make me realize that there is so much to see.  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Awesome Site! You reached me, Mr., from the U.S. You make me realize that there is so much to see.  

  21. # Blogger Laura

    oh so beautiful. wish I were there.  

  22. # Blogger Top 10 For Everything


  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice pictures!  

  24. # Blogger

    Nice Photos. I am getting Ideas for this Christmas..  

  25. # Blogger La Belette Rouge

    Galeries Lafayette is already so over the top beautiful and then they go and do Christmas. I fear my Christmas will not be so grand as to be a Lafayette one. But I appreciate the wish and also your beautiful photographs. Merci!  

  26. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i bought myself something so i cant buy anyone any presents lol  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Cedric, perused your blog this a.m.
    Found it has a certain visual "push" to it that walks a line for dramatic. Which is good. Wondering if the building dialogues are tied to personality.

  28. # Anonymous Anonymous

    nice blog :) been to Paris but can't imagine what it must be like living there, you're lucky. I just have to say i share your obsession with exclamation marks :) and apparently smiley faces, but, yeah!! Maybe i'll stop by here again sometime.  

  29. # Blogger wheatgerm

    Those christmas decorations seem like they are from another planet.  

  30. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Les Francais - they know how to do it.  

  31. # Blogger Unknown

    Everything llooks so beautiful!!!  

  32. # Blogger Amy (the b-line)

    Counting the days til I'm in Paris. Those after-Christmas sales will be calling my name!  

  33. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I just came across your blog today. I'd love to follow it, but I can't find the option.  

  34. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ignore my previous comment. I was managing my other accounts and discovered how to follow. I look forward to reading more about Paris 2E  

  35. # Blogger Sean Baker

    great pictures i love christmas, especially in paris (the decorations) so much neater and more pleasant to look at than the rubbish you see here in England!
    just came across your blog today looking forward to more posts!  

  36. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ced !! j'adore, sans comments!!! I miss soooo much our time there...  

  37. # Blogger Robert Wendel

    Felicitation! Vous avez capture Paris comme je m'en souviens!  

  38. # Blogger Cynthia Joffrion

    I just found your website. You have posted some very interesting information. Thanks!  

  39. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i think this will be the first time i celebrate xmas  

  40. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  41. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow! Maybe I'll go there one day.

    UK's search & save shopping  

  42. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

    Award Code

    Your award will go live sometime on Saturday December 6, 2008

    Thank you,

    Bill Austin  

  43. # Blogger Kim

    Thank you so much for all of the holiday photos from Paris. I spent Christmas there in 2001 and have been dreaming of my time there, and you gave me such nice reminders. I look forward to following your blog! (I like exclamation marks, too) ;0)  

  44. # Anonymous Anonymous

    is there a theme to your pics or just the neurotic obsessions of a deranged queen?  

  45. # Blogger Cedric Benetti

    Yes the theme is "I'm waiting for the first idiot to post something insulting on me" and you just won the first prize!

    Come again soon! I know you will  

  46. # Blogger She Runs

    Do Parisians or Parisiennes ever obey the traffic signals either when walking or driving :-) ?

    Bo blog, ciao.  

  47. # Blogger purple-print

    en gros : oh lala..
    sympa ton blog  

  48. # Blogger Tinkerbell

    ADORE these pictures ... Absolutely beautiful. What a glorious tree.  

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