"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

The Little Shop of Horrors

A shop filled with supersized animal costume heads. What could be creepier? Imagine living next to this place, and during the night those creatures come to life and start harvesting innocent parisians for their organs. Or they start handing out.... political tracts... heaven help us!
Didn't I see you in some weird Michael Jackson music video in the 90s?
Aaaaaaah! They are going to eat my brains out!

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8 Responses to “The Little Shop of Horrors”

  1. # Blogger Ténèbres à la lumière...

    Bonjour! Cedric,

    Merci! Beaucoup!
    DarkCityDame ;-D  

  2. # Blogger Fiona

    I'm not so afraid of the merchandise as of the clientele.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Now you've done it: re-arranged my neural pathways!

    To "the editor" when I click on your name in your comment here, I get a message asking that you enable your profile, and cannot go to your blog.  

  4. # Blogger Fashion Moment

    I like this post!
    I tagged you, check today's post.


  5. # Blogger Lala

    arr! is that shop haunted?or the toys?  

  6. # Blogger Marquis de Lannes

    Siempre (desde pequeño) me han dado miedo las muñecas y los payasos...  

  7. # Blogger Elizabeth

    You are too funny!  

  8. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Hi! Annie,
    I'am so sorry!...I was away from my P.C. for a couple of weeks and was trying to avoid "spammers." The "moderation setting" has been changed.
    Dcd ;-D  

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