"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Mary Goes Round





At Galerie Rabouan Mouisson
121 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 3e

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9 Responses to “Mary Goes Round”

  1. # Blogger Lala

    oh my! who had killed them?  

  2. # Blogger Snoopy381

    Strangely beautiful art, and great photos as ever. Thank you.  

  3. # Blogger London Belle

    Such a twisted and fantastic idea - I'd love to see that!  

  4. # Blogger Dominica

    Great post !! Love the word-games ....  

  5. # Anonymous Seany


  6. # Blogger lady jicky

    In a world that is full of "nasty" - I am not fond of it at all.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I hate to say this, but what a waste of effort to make this art. It is very well done, a complete thought, but such a small thought - a one-liner - and all that work.

    Certainly this small thought, a kind of joke, could have been presented in a different medium, and delivered the same message. Of course, I'm only looking at pictures of the art, which changes the message certainly, but I have a hard time seeing how this is worth more than a glance. The point is not deep, and the art itself gives nothing of interest to the eye to keep you returning to it for more meaning.  

  8. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    Wow!...The definition of Dadaism is below...and this artist's work is a "prime" example of...

    ...Dada which is the groundwork to abstract art and sound poetry, a starting point for performance art, a prelude to postmodernism, an influence on pop art, a celebration of antiart to be later embraced for anarcho-political uses in the 1960s and the movement that lay the foundation for Surrealism.—Marc Lowenthal, translator's introduction to Francis Picabia's I Am a Beautiful Monster: Poetry, Prose, And Provocation

    Merci! For sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D  

  9. # Blogger Ken

    The horses most probably dead due to over-exhausted days and nights.

    Great idea!  

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