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The Cheapest Seats in Town: Times Square Pseudo- Embellishment

A never-ending mob of out-of-towners has been ruling Times Square all summer long, glued to what some call "the cheapest seats in town".
Large sections of the 'Crossroads of the World' have been sealed off for traffic and have become pedestrian areas for a testing period. Less traffic may mean less anoying cars, but then again the cars were also what made this intersection one of the busiest and impressive ones in the world. Now, the cars and the hectic has been replaced by an arsenal of cheap plastic lawn chairs (then replaced by more expensive but still unfit chairs) and ugly color paterns and some pots with plants.
The tourists now keep squatting these chairs all day long, hanging around the place, loitering and squatting, snoozing and sleeping off in front of the big billboards and tv screens, as if the nation's living room all of a sudden got taken over by Cheryl and Carl from Omaha, Nebraska who traded their fanny packs for a cheap hot dog on the corner and now snore away on the bright canary-yellow plastic horror that rules the Square.

So if ever you come and visit NY on a touch of class, for heaven's sake stay away from Times Square.




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  1. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    Cedric said,"So if ever you come and visit NY on a touch of class, for heaven's sake stay away from Times Square."

    Merci, for the heads-up!
    I must admit that Times Square
    do look "pretty" congested.
    By the way, the photographs are very nice!

    DeeDee ;-D  

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