"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


fiac aux tuileries
Ok, I guess some of the temporary art installations at the Tuileries are interesting and intriguing, and even 'user friendly', such as the chair rings of Veit Stratmann or the fact that the octogon reflection pool is turned into a big improvisation musicbox with Kader Attia's cymbals, but some of the stuff, you really have to scratch your head and tilt it slightly leftwards like a dog and go "oooh".

Guess this snowman looked better when the gallery wasn't already trying to pack it up again.
fiac aux tuileries
Alexandre Perigot's Elvis house being dismanteled already as well. Goodbye to Memphis!
fiac aux tuileries

fiac aux tuileries
This thing looks more spacey, but tourists who don't know it's actually the home of Laurent Tixador might mistake it for an aborted construction site.
fiac aux tuileries

fiac aux tuileries
Make some music! Throw your kids!
fiac aux tuileries

fiac aux tuileries

fiac aux tuileries

fiac aux tuileries
Jacques Villeglé, quoting Poe's "It is a happiness to wonder" in sociopolitical lettering again.
fiac aux tuileries
In short, many other pieces went by unnoticed by the thousands of tourists, just because they blend in so well with the gardens, and mostly because people today take no time to notice their immediate surroundings, as long as they don't remain instantly google-able.
The trashman doing his job in these holy grounds is much more gratifying to watch, as he actually performs a task that remains not only vital to society, but also reminds one a lot of the passive way most people apprehend art. It is a happiness to wonder indeed.
fiac aux tuileries

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  1. # Blogger Ténèbres à la lumière...

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    I guess you are right Cedric, because upon viewing some of the art installations photographs that you have posted my reaction ran the gamut from what's what?!? to what is that?!?
    And I'am artist too!...LOL!
    Merci de partager!

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