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Luxembourg to Paris Roadside Oddities: World's largest rotating wild boar

Somewhere in the northern part of France, close enough to the Belgian border, the French have erected a roadside attraction worthy of the best US highway tourist traps. Far from the decorated sheds or the lame ducks of a Robert Venturi ehthousiast, the proud region of whereverthehellweare decided to add this rotating wild boar to the list of things that begins in "the world's largest..."

It's nice to put this thing into an area where there is litterally nothing to see for miles and miles. And considering the impressive number of anti-riot barricades erected around the pig, it seems this monument is attracting pilgrims by the thousands, although not one living soul was in sight during our little visit.

A huge parking space is in planning along with a souvenir shoppe, gas station, and followed closely by the "Rotating Pig Hotel and Casino Complex" complete with health spa.
Roundabouts of the middle of nowhere
At least the dog seems enthousiastic about his newly found metal friend.
Oh and if you really have to see something rotate, buy a lavalamp, it's much more ecological...

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