"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Art Show or Drunk Cleaning Lady?

Contemporary art installation? Or cleaning people with a wandering mind? Let's analyze this!
Just look at the strong oblique of the vacuum nozzle, it so represents society's struggle. And the unplugged cable could show a tendency of despair facing the challenges of an energy crisis to come. What a strong message indeed...
And look at how that bucket just stands there, almost mocking you with its fiendish attitude towards all that schmutz around you. Fight that bucket! The bucket is evil! See how it doesn't care about the vacuum in despair?
You can almost hear it laugh at the machine: "Hah hah, I show no pitty for you despicable device, just look at how upright I stand to defy you! I fart in your general direction to mock your inability to produce vacuum!" Oh the hilarity!
Now I wanna buy this piece, don't you?

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