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Samson Tires: A Sargonide Palace in central Los Angeles

Where else would you find a 1930s replica of a Persian palace than in crazy L.A.? The Samson Tire company wanted to have something dashing in design for their new tire plant and rubber company (the name Samson was chosen because it symbolizes strength and endurance...).
Adolph Schleicher, president of the company, wanted to include a Samson and Delilah motif on the main building, therefore ordered the architects Morgan, Walls and Clements to design the front wall in the style of King Sargon II's palace, a 7th Century B.C. ancient Assyrian palace complete with pillars, towers and stone bas-reliefs depicting mythological figures.
Coincidentally, Babylonian king Sargon's palace covered 23-acres and Schleicher's plant covered the same amount of land. The grand opening ceremony was held in 1930. After the closing of the tire company the building got converted into an outlet shopping mall. Now you can shop in style ...

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