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Grow your own [country]

Micronations are countries (often without territories) conceived by artists, eccentrics, malcontents or egocentrics.
Not a thematic group exhibition, Grow Your Own (at Palais de Tokyo) is an artist project that blurs any ability to distinguish between art, politics, anarchy and fiction. The governments, societies and artists involved have created various recognizable symbols that range from seals, anthems, languages, mottos, constitutions, flags and all the icons with which they establish their sovereignty. Thus projects by artists with international reputations (Michael Ashkin, IRWIN, Gregory Green or Atelier van Lieshout) are presented along with uniforms (Allison Smith), a coin-making machine (State of Sabotage), maps (Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland), national anthems (Empire of Aerica), documentary films, portraits of kings and queens from a micronations summit, flags, passports, stamps, coins or letters of citizenship from some forty nations including the Empire of Atlantium, the Principality of Sealand, or the Kingdom of Pinsk. Applications for citizenship and naturalisation can be completed and filed by exhibition visitors.

Some of those countries have quite a funny history, such as the Kingdom of Bannesled:
On June 12, 1998, Queen Emily I of Bannesled started a chain reaction that led to the formation of this absolute hereditary monarchy: she bought her bedroom from her parents.
Then on June 24, 1998, by signing The Declarations of the People of Bannesled, she successfully separated her bedroom from Canada.
With a population of 6, Bannesled covers just less than 130 square feet and is surrounded on all sides by Ottawa, Ontario. A strict class system is firmly in place in this micronation; citizenship is open only to the personal relations of current citizens. Most belong to the “peerage” of the Queen, who rules by absolute right. Although they have no power themselves, they do have the ability to sway decision-making power. The majority of Bannish citizens are female but there is great ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity between citizens. All share the same Bannish Culture and believe in the ideals of the Bannish Nation.

Republic of Molossia:
Originally founded in 1977 as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, The Republic of Molossia is located just outside Virginia City, Nevada, in the western United States.
The Republic does not accept applications for citizenship but has led the way diplomatically on the micronational scene, establishing the first micronational Olympics in which His Excellency, Kevin Baugh, Molossian president, won a gold medal in discus (using a Frisbee).
The four citizens of Molossia also celebrate the international holiday Norton Day on January 8th, after the infamous Joshua Norton of San Francisco declared himself Emperor of the United States in 1859. Molosia has minted its own currency, the Valora, which is divided into 100 Futtrus. The economy is based on the relationship between the Valora and a tube of Pillsbury-brand cookie dough, currently 1:3.
Because its borders are in relative proximity to the largest U.S. Marine base, Molossia has instituted obligatory military service. It has also banned smoking. Molossia has pioneered micronational space travel, opening an observatory (a telescope) and launching a balloon-powered space probe in 2003. Hypérion Balloon Flight and Ariel Survey became entangled in local trees. The space program is still determined to produce aerial photographs of the republic.

Principality of New Utopia:
The Principality of New Utopia is an economic paradise being built in the Caribbean approximately 120 miles west of Grand Caymen.
This manmade island offers a substantially tax free economy in connection with any commercial enterprise promoting the development of banking, financial services, insurance, and securities brokerage services. New Utopia began as an entrepreneurial dream by Howard Tutney who later changed his name to Prince Lazarus Long.
The prince’s island could grow to be 400 square miles and will be built by Flotilla Company, which specializes in building houses out of floating concrete.

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