"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

No, I haven't forgotten about you...

...I swear! No really! Honestly! I'm still alive, but , somehow I'm in the middle of my art history exams. Big whoop! Wanna fight about it? I'll get you! (and it drives me slightly mad, but in a nice zen attitude). So that's why there are no 'new' pictures on here! I'm recycling the old crap, from deep inside the vault of my computer.... wooooohoooooo!...

man this place has gone into a dump....

so you might ask yourself stuff like "why am I reading this", or probably "what am I still doing here reading this", or, and this is my absolute favorite: "hell, I'm still reading this shit! I'm outta here!"

You're probably right, or wrong (you never know); so you don't really care?
"Where the fuck is he going with this?" you may ask.
The answer to this is quite easy: feathers!

...yes, feathers...

do I need to explain?

go read some Woody Allen!

1841: Early tourists in the Louvre asking for restroom directions and 'that guy with the peanuts'

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1 Responses to “No, I haven't forgotten about you...”

  1. # Blogger .

    Sometimes 'nonsensical rambling' makes complete sense.

    Especially to all those crazy people.  

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