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Disneyland Paris - a day of crowdedness and fun

Oh what a sunny day. Perfect to hang out with a large crowd of people in a small area surrounded by homogeneous souvenir shops and disguised fast-food restaurants!

Our early morning adventure (rising at 6:30) started at the Disney Studios park, where we waited for our free admission friend to get us inside.

They are still building on that Tower of Terror ride (scheduled for opening on January 2008)
We took our pleasure of taking souvenir shots of our feet on all the ride queues we went on (while doing crosswords and logic mazes in our pass time magazine)
This one was on the finding Nemo ride. We mostly did the roller coasters, and we looooove to scream like idiots when zooming over the loopings. I actually lost my voice today!
The Rock n*Roller coaster hardwood floor queue
Anne-Laure molesting a plastic character
A dead penguin floating on the river
Oh the people! Always there when you don*t need them!
Hanging out at the public toilets is a popular thing to do here! Friend Thomas doesn*t like to show his face on the right, and he would probably do things to me if I post pictures of him that he wouldn*t approve...
The Indiana Jones waiting line
arty picture
Thomas worked at the parks for some time, and still knows lots of people who work here.
Space Mountain waiting line. Another Thomas joined us with his foot on the right side
Oh and everywhere in the park, small girls are dressed like little princesses. They sell those dresses in the shops, complete with tiaras and opera gloves... I definitely had to get one of those dresses for myself; because I am worth it! But picking the right dress was quite a hard thing to do.
Finally I found the wedding dress of my dreams, in soft pink, with a matching feather boa!
Don*t I look smashing?
The 2 Thomases -how cute!
Me and Thomas no2
Pouting in front of "chez sleeping beauty"
We were writing our own autographs
And some people absolutely had to tag me...
Mmmmh, a woody!
A Goofy signature! Did you know that as a cast member performing as Disney character, you can get expelled for writing on peoples hands? Fortunately no supervisor saw my arms, or Goofy would get his ass kicked...
Oh I had to post this Thomas no1 picture! You can kill me if you want to, but it was worth it!
Oh look, a mouse!
Ok, this is just bad!
walking the corridors of the Nautilus! OMG we forgot to take a feet-picture! gaaaah!
On the Buzz-something shooting thing attraction
notice that Anne-Laure went to buy Jack Sparrow sandals
Lying on the ground and waiting for the parade
oh a gorgeous queen!
And more clothes
Oh, look at the married couple with their flowers so sweet! Too bad that in Disneyland, everyone is gay!

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