"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Occupation: professional standing guy

For some days now, there is a group of Jehova*s Witnesses standing around my neighborhood on Place de la Bourse, Holding their Watchtowers like a statue, and not doing pretty much else.
Do you guys get paid for standing around, or do they usually throw you out of all the apartment buildings you try to go do your door-to-door preaching?
I remember back in Luxembourg, my mom once threw a bucket of water on a bunch of them because they kept coming to our door every single day.
"Can we talk to you about Jesus?"
"Sure, what do you want to know?"
"Mom; where is the bucket of water? The weirdos are back!"

But these guys here are so inoffensive, I actually wondered if they were made out of plastic, and just occasionally moving in the wind.
Look at the guy on the right! So secret-service-like! Dark glasses and a stature like he got a broomstick up the ...oh well!

-"Excuse me do you have the International Herald Tribune?"
-"No, we convey the word of Jesus! Can I interest you in a place in Paradise? If you join now, you will be saved with 144000 of our members! And you will save 30% on subscription to the Watchtower! And you might win a trip to Disneyland!"
-"Do you sell crack?"

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