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Semi-Vintage Elodie Reedition

I finally unearthed some pictures from my old computer (the one that fell into disgrace after getting the new laptop) and decided to share some of them with you, dear Blog!
Some months ago it was Elodie*s birthday, and I wasn*t able to post the pictures of that day for reasons understandable by some... But now, times have changed and it*s the right moment to show them. After all who doesn*t like to see drunken people doing stupid things? "That*s what politicians are there for!" you might say, but nothing says 'boozehead' better than a picture with your face on it.

Elodie B*day + Eiffel Tower + picnic = lotsa fun!

The 3 Stooges
Praised be thyne Eiffel tower! We adore thee!
Hey you silly bitches!
Getting undressed in front of the crowd on the lawn... good thing no one took pictures of this... oh wait!
lookin good
What are you doing there kneeing in the bushes?
Soooo shiny...
Look mom, no nose!
finally I got my pants back!
our very own Eiffel Tower
Just passing by

Later on, after finishing eating up, I got forced to empty all the bottles that were left, so they wouldnt be wasted to the trashcan, and we went to the Queen nightclub on the Champs Elysées!
Drunk and drunk and drunk gone dancing

mmmh male strippers...
mhhh pink champagne!
Even the sparely dressed bartenders are drunk in this place
god, I hate ladies*night! Look at those bar vultures
uh-oh, you smell like a brewery

no touching please!
oh lord, the morning after...

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