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A PARIS 2e guide to the must-see art exhibitions

"STEICHEN: Lives in Photography"
Jeu de Paume
10 09 2007 until 12 30 2007
"Brooklyn Bridge, 1903"

A caleidoscopic exhibition on one of the most prolific photographers.
"Luxembourg-born Edward Steichen (1879-1973) produced portraits, landscapes, still lifes and nudes, and demonstrated his talent photographing fashion, dance, theatre, flowers and commercial images, as well as in war and aerial photography.
With Alfred Stieglitz he helped set up the Photo-Secession group and the journal Camera Work. In 1923, Condé Nast were sufficiently impressed by his pictorialist photos to make him art director of Vogue and Vanity Fair. Steichen became one of the leading figures of modernism. He also served as photography curator at New York's MoMA, where he organised the famous exhibition The Family of Man. This show began touring internationally in 1955 and attracted over 11 million visitors worldwide. It was the crowning event of Steichen's career." (JdP)

A smaller version of “Lives in Photography” will travel to Switzerland, Italy and Spain through September 2008.

"BIEDERMEIER: The Invention of Simplicity"
01 10 2007 until 14 01 2008
PARIS 2e RATING: **** "Daybed, Vienna"

An aesthetic trend descended from neoclassicism, the Biedermeier style developed in central Europe between 1815 and 1848, the period of peace following the Napoleonic Wars. The Biedermeier style was highly original, at once simple and full of imagination.
An excellent, yet somewhat smaller version of the exhibition shown in some other museums before.
A fascinating lesson in design and pure simplicity and aesthetics!
Read this NYT article on the exhibition.

"PURE DECORS? Masterpieces of Islamic decorative art"
11 10 2007 until 13 01 2008
"Bottle, Iran 17th century"

A splendid showcase of 300 masterworks from the museums 3000 piece strong Islamic Arts collection are presented in this exhibition. The collection will join the LOUVRE in 2010, for the opening of the new Islamic courtyard, thus creating one of the world*s most complete and impressive collections on the subject.
The works show the influence of the Arts Décoratifs collection in the applied arts at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and emphasise the role the institution has played in this field.

"DESIGN contre DESIGN - 2 centuries of creation"
26 09 2007 until 07 01 2008
"Phantasy Landscape, 1970, Verner Panton"

Design by design brings together objects and household furniture from the Industrial Revolution to the present day. Rather than follow a chronological arrangement, which is too complex these days, it juxtaposes and draws parallels, triggers surprising short circuits and sparks dialogue between things.
An excellent view on the revolution of design and its intrusion into everyday life!

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    That Brooklyn Bridge photo is the most beautiful b&w I've ever seen.  

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