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I love Paris.

But more than regularly I get the impression the people inside Paris are idiots of the most insulting order!

I*m not talking about that well known fact that the french in polupar culture are refered to as being rude and snooty (we all know that).

I*m talking about that kind of people who look a t me in the streets in a more than demeaning way and point at me and laugh at me and even regularly insult me. Those people make Paris a living hell.

Especially on weekends, I am more than fed up to walk the streets alone in the evenings, not by fear of getting mugged or agressed, but because I already know that I will get to hear any possible kind of jokes and insults on my persona by some less than human assholes who dress like a pile of shit. Actually shit is a much too good word to describe them, because even my shit smells better and is of a more pleasant aesthetic value than theirs. There! I*ve said it!

Let me explain myself, to those of you who know me, you know that I dont dress like the average boring person you find on the streets, that kinda people that you dont even see because they*re not worth looking at because they got nothing interesting of a look going on whatsoever.

Yes I wear skinny pants and lots of black and I have funny hair that has actual resemblance to a toilet brush. But thats not a reason to insult me with your regular collection of idiotic stereotypes and jokes on my looks.
You think you*re so clever and original?
"Ooh, say are you a boy or a girl?"
"Oooh its Tokyo Hotel!"
"Oooh you take it up the ass, you fag!"
You really think I*ve never heard that stuff before? Do something creative! Get a life you morons!

Interestingly enough, the insults come from a various array of people.

I don*t mind the group of silly little fat prepubescent teenage girls who laugh at me in a hysterical way, because they are already doomed with their looks.
But I regularly get insulted in the worst way and pointed at by those who come from the suburbs of Paris. You know that kinda wannabe gangsta rappa yo-yo foshizzlemahnizzle groups who drive their cars with the windows down, blasting some stereotypical rap songs around to show that they arrived. Now ok, they are usually from second generation immigrant communities out in the suburbs, where moral values are not the same as anywhere else, and so I don*t mean to be racist at all with this, but those are usually the kinda guys who insult me in the worst possible ways by reciting the complete collection of gay-bashing slang.

...Why do you guys who are already a minority need to insult another minority? To feel all high and mighty in front of your friends in that car of yours as you drive by me and flip me off after having had a good laugh? Oh sure I would do the same thing (insert sarcasm here).

Best of all is when I got laughed at and pointed at by a group of CRS idiots in front of the entrance to the ministry of culture (I write culture without a capital "c", because really I wonder where that culture went). Aren*t those guys from the special anti-riot forces supposed to represent their country in a more respectable way? What a good image of inspiration for this country*s youth they are indeed.
Oh and BTW where is the law against discrimination? Especially for people who are supposed to represent law and order in this, the birthplace of human rights? Homophobia still rules?
I love it! Makes me feel so alive!

Oh and I absolutely LOOOOVE the fact that stupid tourists make fun of me and insult me.
2 ugly looking idiots in standardized boring tourist clothes who were standing behind me at a red light on a pedestrian crossing started to make fun of me in their language (some slavic tongue, maybe russian), looking at me and talking to me by obviously bashing me with some insults. So I started insulting them in my own mothertongue.

I always try not to respond but sometimes I just can*t help it and lower myself to their level of intellectual incapacity.
How dare you assholes come to this city as tourists and start insulting the people who live here?
Look at you! You wear stuff that I wouldn*t even touch with gloves.

The feces which I produce every morning has more style and class than the look you will have during your entire life, so in the words of dear president Sarkozy:

"Fuck off you poor moron!" ("Casse-toi pauvre con!")

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ive (sadly) come to realize that its just a part of living....weird looks, comments, the same 10 insults, etc...but even at home in milwaukee/chicago, its still nearly all minorities OR people who look like shit who do it!

    especially black thug/gangbanger-wannabe dudes- the guys who actually ARE in gangs dont really fuck with anybody besides other gangs....but its still basically the minorities bashing other minorities. wonderful.

    so....i guess its better in their minds to look like shit, have no future, and live in abject poverty rather than be well off, rad, + gay.

    uhmmmm ok!

    most of the time though i just like to act surprised, or just make fun of them because its fairly obvious i am, in fact, a homo.

    //maybe growing up in catholic schools prepared me for this better:

    wannaba gangbangers and other asshat dudes @ my school: "FAG!"

    Me: "uh....yeah?....everyone knows that already. i came out like last year."

    Them: D:  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

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