"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


Not only did I inherit the Candy Kennedy magazine collection, but I now also play host to 50 percent of the official Kennedy Private Menagerie, aka "the mouse". Thank goodness it*s only till the end of next month.
We get along quite well, considering the fact that I don*t know any mouse-related topics we could discuss, except maybe comparing the taste of cheeses (I think chekoslovakian goatmilk cheese is quite the top considering the fact that Venezuelan beaver cheese tastes like a dead baby). Also she drives me crazy with her spinning wheel. At 5 in the morning. Gah.
I forgot the name of that little spaghetti-tail, and I have no clue on whether she is a he or a she.
Erik and I decided to call her Pepsicola. Cocacola was too obvious. I would also have settled with "Starbucks"...

In order for her not to rot in that small cage forever, I try to take her out for a "walk" or such.
Today she took a hair-expedition of Mount Toiletbrush.
What on earth do you think you*re doing? Get away!


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    More precious than baby Jesus!  

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