"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


The profusion of decor on the ship amazes me, in its voluntary 20s and 30s style as well as in its general kitschness of too many colors screaming all together in one space and creating an optic carnival instead of harmonic beauty. There is only a handful rooms onboard that I really appreciate for their color schemes.

The idea of using art deco as inspiration was somehow not fully thought through. Many places lack a certain degree of plushiness and sophistication. Not enough dark wood paneling was used. The grand dining room of the Britannia restaurant would have looked better in dark colors and somber wood. A lot of the carpets (let*s say 80% of them) make me scream internally. Their motives are very interesting, but they sometimes are used in rooms that already give enough optical delusion to your eye. Who knows, maybe that*s the reason for which some people get seasick on this ship?

The waves and wind are moderate today, and sometimes when you walk around and get caught in your walking direction within the movement of the boat, you end up in a wall or bump into fellow passengers.

I enjoy the private sundeck right behind our stateroom, accessible for the “upperclass” (yes it*s like on the Titanic), where you can lie on longchairs and observe the ocean at the tip of your toes, as you leave Europe behind you. Wind is also fun. Outside my hair is a bigger mess than it usually is. And it*s usually a big mess already. So far no silly comments; only once I heard some random person ask the traditional “is that a wig?” question. The third age on this ship (79% of passengers) is very friendly and funnily open-minded.

Dressing onboard varies from the unfashionable wearing of (ugh) shorts in awful colors with unmatching socks and old mens shirts, to the more suitable formal evening wear (tuxedos and gowns). I prefer to walk around in my usual way. Black and boots, and sometimes a dinner jacket.

Tonight is formal attire night for the “Royal Night Black and White Ball”…you might see tomorrow how I look in a smoking jacket…

the third age on deck

leaving Southampton

passing QEII


suit me!

view from my feet

on the balcony

relax baby

queen Mary







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2 Responses to “ATLANTIC UPDATE II”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    oh damned I just LOVE internet, it's just so pleasant to follow your trip !!!! Hope you have fun my dear, dear Cedric. And for the suit, it suits you sooooooo much, I knew it would suits you, I knew it !!! hope to hear from you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

  2. # Blogger Alparslan Çarkçı

    Oh my gosh - your suit has really gone with you!
    You look like a man! :D  

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