"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Merry Christmas - now get outta my way before I kill you with my umbrella!

"Now what was the origianl purpose of these devices again?"

It's almost as if traffic lights had become yet another part of the Xmas decorations in this city. People seem not to be considering them for their safety value but rather associate them with Xmas stuff in their unconsciousness: "Ooh the light is red - red like a big Xmas tree bulb -Xmas! Ohmygod I gotta go buy some presents! Outta my way you losers!!"

Ask a guy on the street, jam packed with shopping bags and half a dozen screaming children in the one hand that hasn't lost its patience yet about the meaning of those so called traffic lights, and you'll get something like "oh yeah right, I thought them red and green lights were part of the decoration! Traffic lights? What the hell are you talking about? Get lost!"

The flow of crazy shoppers that hustles and bustles around the Lafayette and Printemps on Boulevard Haussmann is just out of control. People cross the streets without any care and cars originally stuck in light traffic jams find themselves lost in an ocean of busy shoppers with their restlessness of crossing the car-river. Stop at a redlight with your car and you might be stuck for the rest of the day.

Beware of the Xmas shopper in Paris these days! For he is armed with an umbrella just in case the street action gets too wild. Old ladies with umbrellas: even worse! Don't even go near one. Bad sight and small height migt leave you with half an umbrella in your face (and my hair loves to get stuck in umbrellas too).

As for my Xmas shopping, I'll do that during the week, when all the crazies are locked up in their offices, dreaming of shopping on a hectic sunday afternoon.

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26 Responses to “Merry Christmas - now get outta my way before I kill you with my umbrella!”

  1. # Blogger Sean Baker

    oh i hate christmas shopping its awfull everyone seems to turn into ignorant blighters! it really annoys me. this time of year i wish i had a personal shopper to do the work for me!
    if only..  

  2. # Blogger Patti Ann

    i hate umbrellas. one day, someone is going is going to get their eye poked out with one, then there will be an eyeball just rolling around times square, victim to a careless umbrella user.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This post is hilarious; thanks for making me laugh. I've been having a bit of a bad day so its cheered me up reading this particular 'nonsensical rambling' of yours. i shall heed your warning and not go near any umbrellas when i next brave the high street.  

  4. # Blogger nastasia

    I love your pictures and your hair haha. And yes the hustle and bustle of christmas can be tiring and out of control.. still those pics you got of the tree towards the ceiling make it all look pretty so we can stand their gazing going oooo and ahhh until someone with a big bag and packages runs us over or screaming kids are prying loose of their parents. haha oh the joys of christmas!

    from chicago  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Internet shopping for the win.  

  6. # Blogger ReadingGirl24

    Doesn't Christmas shopping bring out the best in people? LOVE your blog and am totally jealous of your life, living in Paris (my favorite city in the world) studying Art History (I was an art history major in college here in the US). Happy Holidays!  

  7. # Blogger Dakota Bear

    Love your pictures of my favorite city in the world. I was there for three days in June after a cruise up the Rhone River. I'm one who doesn't enjoy Christmas shopping. I live in Connecticut USA.  

  8. # Blogger Bookish.Spazz

    X-mas shopping SUCKS, which is why I don't like doing it during the holiday time.

    I shop throughout the year.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Because life is a dumbass, why else?

    I laugh. Everything is so quiet here and nothing at all like that. Good luck ;D  

  10. # Blogger Unknown

    hi,nice to meet you!  

  11. # Blogger Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    i love your hair .. and of course you blog too .. its as crazy as you seem to be!  

  12. # Blogger Admin

    Hello, I found your blog from the frontpage. If you want to enjoy the new year holiday with different culture, try visiting Surakarta Indonesia, The Spirit of Java.  

  13. # Blogger Unknown

    Love your blog - and PARIS Yum! PLSE plse if you have time put on a photie of Rue Mouffetard - from sunny SA. lol  

  14. # Blogger vicki archer

    Love your rant - nearly got run over in Paris on thursday! crazy mad drivers - all of them, xv.  

  15. # Blogger Rosary♫Love

    I love reading your posts. they always make me laugh. even when I am having the worst day thanks.  

  16. # Blogger Dominica

    Have to do some today...OMG, Hilary and me ...we will make the Hermès store unsafe and let dear Davy shit a brick when he sees the 2 of us coming in...
    (poor guy...)

    @sean baker : that's not a bad idea, having a personal shopper work for you ...

    Totally heart your rings in the picure....  

  17. # Blogger Unknown

    You are a funny guy :P  

  18. # Blogger Jane

    Great blog, LOL I bet it is a little hectic in Paris at the moment and busy.  

  19. # Blogger Cachinnation

    lol. I've only ever been in Paris during the summer>>I'm missing out. If an umbrella gets stuck in your fabu-mane, maybe you can start a new fashion trend. lol  

  20. # Blogger PHJUICY

    I've never been to Paris. But, wanted to drop in and say I love, love, love your humor and style. Thanks for the real deal. PH :)P  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You could always come to Salt Spring and enjoy the intense silence of insanity creeping up on you aka: Cabin fever:-0

    ~ ShakTara  

  22. # Blogger Raluca Mitra

    Christmas shopping, Christmas hurry-scurry, lights, decorations... umbrellas and bags, lot of bags. And do not forget about food - it seems that people eat twice a year, for X-mas and Easter...

    I ask you a question.
    Have you seen the joy of Christmas around you, there ?  

  23. # Blogger ALL THAT I AM

    Hi Cedric..
    Well.first of all...i jz love ur blog..Its truly amazing...
    d pics are too good...
    Wel in our part of the world, India..Diwali is wat Christmas is for u..
    n the condition is same here as well...EXCEPT for the UMBRELLA...

    P.S. ur building thing is good too...  

  24. # Blogger emmy22

    1. you have amazing hair!
    2. you take amazing photos!
    3. Christian Lacroix is amazing!
    4. christmas shopping is hell. gift cards are the only way to go.
    5. I am in love with paris, and france :D

    check out my blog I'm currently writing about Christian Lacroix's 2008/9 Autumn+Winter collection.
    im completely in love with all his shoes.  

  25. # Blogger Crissy

    You seem like a fun guy. But I'm envious of your location ...

    Great pic!  

  26. # Blogger gamgee

    i'm digging your rings, boy! im a ring lover myself. say hello to paris for me. but only if you're gonna do my hello justice.  

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