"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

Imitating Painting at the Orsay

A regular trip to the tourist mekka number 2 in Paris can be sooo ...touristy. Waiting in lines in the freezing cold outside (did I mention it was f$*% cold outside?), waiting in lines for tickets, waiting in front of paintings for the tourists to take their pictures and seeing people dressed in tracksuits walk around the most important art pieces of the 19th century.
But it is much better to take the last bit of 'fun' left to you in these mass-tourist drenched rooms and stage some funny pics on behalf of the old masters of the late 19th century in front of their grand masterpieces!

Apparently commissioned portraits of women reading in books and looking like the book bored the crap out of them, was a really big thing in the 19th century!

She looks like she never seen a man before in her life!

Yaaaawn! 35-hour work weeks are hell!

Can I can-can?

What if I find a quarter in your ear?

She was the most beautiful woman in the whole village?

Praise Jeebus!

Let's hope these ladies don't come to life suddenly.

This is fun!

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12 Responses to “Imitating Painting at the Orsay”

  1. # Blogger wendysito

    this is the best art commentary ...observations like this should be in all the 'tourist' books.. great fun!  

  2. # Blogger Fiona

    I'd love to pose with a book - at least the model has something to *do* while the painter works. Otherwise, sooooo boring.

    If those naked ladies come to life, though, you're toast. They look like they could squish you effortlessly.

    We were at the Met last Saturday, but fled at the coat-check line. I just can't deal with the tourists. A nice walk through the park was much better.  

  3. # Blogger Dominica

    great fun and good inspiration for my next museum visit !!  

  4. # Blogger Fashion_Loving_Stylist

    Looks like so much fun.  

  5. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Being an artist, the paintings, "caught" my attention first!...but of course!.. then the action of the people (that would be you!...Cedric and your friends)in the pictures "caught" my attention second!...haha!...Just kidding, but of course! was "vice versa."

    Oops! I forgot! to introduce myself, my user name is darkcitydame and this is my 2nd post on your very interesting blog.I use to be a "lurker,"
    but now I "post comments"

    Merci! Beaucoup!  

  6. # Blogger naomi

    i want to go there!
    Merci! (^_-)☆  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    So much fun! Keep it coming.  

  8. # Blogger Mom in High Heels

    Have I told you how much I *heart* you? The last time I was at the Orsay it was packed with tourists. Of course I suppose I could be counted among their number, but I'm far more sophisticated than that. Also, I have never worn a track suit.  

  9. # Blogger Manhattans in Boston

    Track suit? I am so embarrassed what I can only presume was one of my countrymen. My next project is a "fashion don't" array of photos in Boston. No blacked out faces like in Glamour Magazine either.  

  10. # Blogger Reyjr

    Because of limited time, I wasn't able to visit any art museums. :(

    But still Paris was awesome. :D

    I want to go back!

    ps. the blog title is hilarious with the distorted Eiffel towers!  

  11. # Blogger Luminousvue

    I love these pictures so much! *So fun!* Thanks to all of you! I love your creative and aesthetic eye, Cedric...! *Such pleasure!*  

  12. # Blogger Unknown

    I am sure you guys were more of an attraction to the other visitors that day than the art itself!  

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