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From Horses to Shopping Carts: The Versailles Tourists don't wanna see

The royal horsestables of Versailles, built in 1681 by Hardouin-Mansart used to be a heaven for horses. Then in the 20th century, an art school moved in the unused spaces of one of the Ecuries.
A prestigious place of the muses...
...and a majestic display of horses...
...and abandoned shopping carts. Yes. Shopping carts. Special shopping carts. With green stuff growing inside.
Now you may ask "wtf". But I am sure there is a logical explanation to all this. Maybe it is a mobile arboretum. Or a homeless guy's private garden. Or maybe it is a separatist colony of plants who just prefer their own mobility over a nice spot in a public park. Who knows. Try to interview a plant. It is not easy.
My last guess: could be a secret burial ground where plants come to die. Stupid, but at least it gives tourists the opportunity to witness something else in Versailles in stead of a castle stuffed with heavy mass-tourism all year round.

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3 Responses to “From Horses to Shopping Carts: The Versailles Tourists don't wanna see”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Incredibly odd. And what were you doing lurking around back? I think it was one of the teacher's doings; you know the rep that artists have.  

  2. # Blogger Lala

    you're very creative. you capture everything!!

    keep posting =]  

  3. # Blogger Ria and Bran

    What an absolutely lovely collection of photographs you have here on your blog! I was immediately drawn to your images of the Palace of Versailles. It looks stunning. But no matter how gorgeous the architecture of that structure might be, I was more interested in these shopping carts with plants in them, hence the comment. I am not sure who did that or why, but no matter. I think it's funky and I really appreciate funky things; out of the ordinary situations and imagery. Great shots! Fantastic!  

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