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SAVE the Hotel Lambert!

There has been a recent outcry concerning the masterpiece of Louis Le Vau, architect of Louis XIV, situated on the tip of the Ile Saint-Louis. The building described as one of the most beautiful and historic private mansions of Paris got bought by the emir of Quatar, who plans to transform it into a group of private luxury residences, thereby demolishing a lot of the original building substance, and putting in elevators, bathrooms, a swimming pool and an underground parking garage. A group of supporters of the preservation of historic architecture in Paris has set up a blog in order to make themselves heard, and Paris2e will obviously participate in spreading the word. Read the message they put up:

This bravura piece of Parisian domestic architecture on the point of the Ile Saint- Louis, designed by Le Vau and decorated by Le Brun, is under imminent threat of radical transformation. The 17th century mansion has survived successive changes with its layout and the authenticity of its structure intact. However, plans which have just been unveiled threaten to subject it to the demands of a modern luxury residence and to transform its exterior into an imaginary, idealised version of the original. The arbitrary slicing-up of the interior apartments involves major demolition, accompanied by a proliferation of disproportionately large shafts intended to accommodate pipework, air-conditioning and elevators. The restricted size of the site means the destruction of floors and cellars which have survived intact. It is planned to demolish the hanging garden, whose containing wall on the Seine frontage would be opened up to form a garage entrance. Specialists, practitioners and amateurs all over the world respectfully urge the Minister of Culture and the French Government to intervene in a project which, in its present form, flies in the face of internationally accepted expert opinion and best practice in the field of restoration.

Check out their blog on and spread the message!

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6 Responses to “SAVE the Hotel Lambert!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Surely, the powers that be won't let 'old Paris' be destroyed. That is why people from all over the world come to Paris, because it is so beautiful.  

  2. # Blogger ninja

    I know it only from history books. It was a name of a Polish emigration political party. They were called Hotel Lambert cause their headquarters was there.  

  3. # Blogger Dominica

    Next time I'm in Paris (in 2 weeks time) I'll sign a petition !  

  4. # Blogger Cedric Benetti

    You can sign the petition online here:  

  5. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Bonjour Cedric!
    After reading your post, I most definitely, will sign the Paris---l-hotel--Lambert-menace-petition-petition(s).
    Merci! Beaucoup!
    DarkCityDame ;-)  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    In defence of meaning and the memory of the Hôtel Lambert

    The Hôtel Lambert, seat of Polish leadership by considerable part XIX in.(in time of occupation my country), is for every Pole the exceptional place, therefore I turn oneself about such with him round by private owners and the powers French, to does not blur memory of former glory of this place(which is not in interest anyway nor France , nor the Quatar). I ask to does not treat above mentioned, as requirement by me inconveniences, but respect for my nation and continuation of exceptional meaning of this place. No matter how I understand connected from this difficulty, then however I know it that was can solve, being good will the most even difficult matters.  

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