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The most famous toilet of Paris is actually a urinal, turned into a 'ready-made' piece of art by Marcel Duchamp. How weird that I forgot to add this one to the list of the Toilets of Paris...
R. Mutt 1917

R. Mutt 1917

Can be found in the Pompidou Center

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5 Responses to “TOILETS of PARIS”

  1. # Blogger Sean Baker

    how sexy  

  2. # Blogger Qaisy Jaslenda

    how cool is that living in a place where you can consider the toilet bowl as a piece of art.

    god, I want to go there so badly.

    Hi anyway ;)  

  3. # Blogger Mom in High Heels

    I find your Toilet's of Paris series oddly fascinating. I've been to Paris many times, yet I've never seen a toilet on the street. I feel as though I'm missing something.
    I have seen the bizarre "toilets" in Verdun. The male "toilet" was a trough (it was outside the female area so I had to walk past it-ewwwww) and the female "toilet" was a hole in the floor and two footprints on either side. I opted to wait.  

  4. # Blogger Ténèbres à la lumière...

    Hi! Cedric,
    Oh! once again...being an artist this piece of art by the "Great challenger of conventional priorities" Marcel Duchamp, I am very familiar with...Thanks, for remembering!

    **Here go a little tibit about the urinal signed R. Mutt, as Fountain... Marcel Duchamp, sent this urinal to the First Exhibition of this Society in 1917 and when he found it excluded (Lost) he resigned."
    (See:"The Yale Dictionary Art & Artist.")

    Merci! Beaucoup!
    Darkcitydame ;-)  

  5. # Blogger Cedric Benetti

    Yes Duchamp resigned, but only from the board of the Société des artistes indépendants on which he was a member. That board was actually the one to judge the entries and decide on whether they were presentable. The board unfortunately after long deliberation decided it was not an artpiece, and thus refused to show it during the exhibition. No one of his fellow board members actually knew Duchamp had sent this piece in.
    Duchamp's intention was to change the conception of artpieces from physical work to intellectual interpretation.  

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