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The French way of Advertising Laundry Detergent?

French ads for laundry detergent have always fascinated me. Check out this weird selection:

Ok this first one is french humor. The detergent is called "le chat", and at the end the weird guy screams the name of a competitor detergent.

The next one is a real ad in which french language is massacred in order to fit in with the apes who play in it. You may see it as a tad racist nowadays.

...racist indeed if you compare to this 1987 ad of the same brand, conceived for the african market.

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3 Responses to “The French way of Advertising Laundry Detergent?”

  1. # Blogger Ténèbres à la lumière...

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    The first ad is really "wacky" too! especially, after the "weird"
    guy hit the "pooch!"... and it sounds as if the audience laughed?!? (Shrug shoulders)

    Merci! for sharing,
    Deedee ;-D  

  2. # Blogger Dominica

    Indeed, they would have a BIG rascist issue if they would do an add like that nowadays..I remember the monkeys - I used to go to the South of France and remember those adds when I watched some telly ...
    funny !!  

  3. # Blogger LoLa

    btw, really like the new Cedric under Who the Hell Are You.  

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