"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"

A night of stalking and "extreme art gallerying"

It was vernissage night once again in gay Paris, and we had the usual fun: free drinks and sticking post-its on people. My friend Jazon really excels in the art of sticking paper onto people in order to have a good laugh!

At Daniel Templon, no drinks and not that much people, so there was room to roam around and make fools of ourselves. A friend from Boston actually decided to make a video documentary on our activities, so the make-up had to be perfect, and our dialogues written in a witty way (as if you would believe me: it was completely spontaneous!).

We popped into our friend who helped develop the concept of 'sticking'. He gave us a nice accent-inserted interview.

Our best shot of the night was at the opening at Thaddaeus Ropac, where you always find the beautiful people and lots of stuff to drink. The hip crowd is a mix of the city's socialites, designers, architects, thinkers, celebrities, complete with their entourage and picture snapping paparazzi:
Part of the opening was devoted to Andy Warhols Pop star series: drawings and lithographys of celebrities like Mick Jagger and the Beatles. I somehow spotted a theme here for the overdressed crowd, partly wearing silvery (oh, shiny!) items in reference to Warhols 'Silver Factory'

The beautiful people, just look at them: picture on the left, the elderly woman in white sitting on the far right with younger man is Andrée Putman, one of the most famous interior architects and designers. On the picture on your right, a silver wig and a glamorously well dressed drag queen!

After too much excitement, we decided to get a drink before splitting up for the night, and we went to one of the Marais most fashionable scene bars, la Perle, where we ended up next to John Galliano, the high fashion priest of Dior! My camera wasn't working anymore, but I managed to get some pics through my friend, but they ended up being too blurry; so no pictures of John in his casual street wear! But it still made my day!

The following just got soo bad! I went back home to meet my friend Delphine at my place, we wanted to go to the movies. Of course we were a bit late and couldn't decide in time which movie to see ( I don't want any french movie, she doesn't want any Asian foreign stuff). So we ended up in line for tickets and decided in last minute on a movie title; without knowing what it was about... Big mistake! We ended up in a Japanese animation movie, lasting more than 2 hours, in Japanese, and with a story so lame that I won't even mention it here (something about magic and planting crops in the little house on the prairie and climbing too many stairs, and dragons and ... oh hell! WHY?). That was doubtlessly the WORST Japanese movie I've ever seen! And believe me, I've seen the last remake of Godzilla...

So long, Saturday night! Helloooo Sunday morning!


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  1. # Blogger .

    You made an on-the-street movie?

    I wanna see!

    That sounds like the most fabulous day ever. Wow.  

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