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First televised interview with Gabrielle Chanel in 1959

Ok it's in french obviously, but, for non french speakers, try to enjoy it for the pleasure of the eyes... ok that's stupid I know, I'll translate bits for you:

1st Question: can you tell us what fashion will be like this year?
Coco: No!
Q: Why, because you don't know?
Coco: Because I don't know! And even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you!
Q: But is it possible that you don't know it? Your fashion show is in 3 weeks after all.
Coco: Yes, but in 3 weeks one can do lots of things. Even change fashion! You understand, because it goes very fast and it is impossible - first of all I never finish any of the dresses, so I don't know what may come out of it, I keep them until the last minute, because, you know fashion is something like this you know (making hand gestures).
Q: You work on them until the last moment.
Coco: Oh, until last moment, you can even say until last minute: I take away all that what I find useless.
Q: In what state are the dresses at this moment?
Coco: Huh! In pieces, Monsieur, in pieces!! And I'm telling you the truth.
Q: This is true?
Coco: It's true! It's absolutely true.
Q: Fashion in these last 10 years has been very often eccentric. Are there eccentricities you wanted to point out?
Coco: Mh, I din't find fashion eccentric. I found it extravagant, which isn't the same thing. I don't like extravagance.
Coco: Fashion to me is not stuck in history. Fashion is onwards, not backwards; you don't move backwards! One has to live with one's time.

Ok I'm not going to translate that whole thing, unfortunately, but If there is any request, I may find the time to do so...

For now, enjoy a 1959 fashion show:
Sidenote: the models are allowed to comment on the fashion they wear...

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    Please translate this interview. it would be greatly appreciated!  

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    i need translation(:  

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    okay i'm doing a research paper on Coco Chanel and would LOVE a full translation thankkkkkk uuuuuu sooooo much!  

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    Please translate!!!  

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