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Louvre at night and other Eiffel-Tower related picnics...

You might think that, in these late August days, Paris is flooded with tourists. Well it probably still is, but at night, the crowds seem to have disappeared, tour busses gone, and the venerable monuments come to life again.

A moment of peace and reflection for the rare venturers, like myself, touring around in the Cour Carrée of the Louvre, gazing at those century-old facades, shining in the night like a beacon of mass tourism. But they have become more to me than just stone structures representing a booming museum industry.

When you come down to this place at 10pm, and sit down on a bench, and all of a sudden, out of this intense moment of pure silence (remember you*re between 2 of the noisiest streets in the center, yet in the court you can hear a pin drop) you hear Bach being played on a cello in one of the nearby arcades. A moment so precious you don*t want to leave and stay there all night, hoping the cellist will go on forever...
Another great joy is the occasional picnic on the Champs de Mars, which you could practically do all year round if the weather permits it. Invite a couple of friends, a cute little dog, and bring good food and wine, and let*s dine!
No better backdrop than the Tower of Paris to illuminate your dinner ambiance when the sun goes down, and the cheers of the people all around you when the tower starts its sparkling every once in a while.
You may also observe lots of activities going on here in the early evening, such as jogging, dog walking, soliciting, and butt-robics...always a favorite!
Meet me down at the Eiffel tower!

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