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SEX and the City nostalgia

Remember the final episode from Sex and the City (An American girl in Paris)?
The scene where Carrie sits in a patisserie and is feeding pastry to the dog at the table next to hers was shot in an actual pastry shop that used to be on the corner of the Place du Louvre, with views on the colonnade and the square.

Well, the pastry shop is no more! It got transformed into a 'cojean', a hip eatery for fashionistas, that creates new locations all over Paris since its first opening in 2001 on Place de la Madeleine.

Fortunately, the interior designer saw the potential of the classic 19th century wooden paneling of the interiors, and kept them integrated, but repainted them in cojean colors (light blue).
Unfortunately I had no time to go in for a fast meal, but i promise you pictures from the inside as soon as next week!

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3 Responses to “SEX and the City nostalgia”

  1. # Blogger Unknown

    I am visiting paris next week and was going to go and find the patisserie!!! would you happen to know the area where carrie steps in dog poop!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i love this dog!

  3. # Blogger Anné

    hi! do you know what dog is that?  

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