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Paris is hosting the 2007 Rugby World Cup, and it's the first time in the cup's 20-year history that it has been hosted by a non-English-speaking country.
What fun! (insert irony there)
Everywhere you look, people watching rugby games, talking rugby, even wearing rugby balls (not those balls). Did I miss something? What happened here? Why Paris? I mean it*s nice to host sporting events, and, don*t get me wrong, I love to watch the Scottish supporters walking in their kilts over the metro ventilation shafts (some of them are NOT pure Scottish, I can tell).
But everywhere you look it*s all about that weirdly shaped ball. All the bars are filled every night with big guys watching the game on wide screen TV... what happened to the cosmopolitan sipping crowd?
Why can*t Paris host some sport event that*s a weee bit more ...GLAMOROUS?
Why not do the Fashion Olympics in Paris?
This city embraces fashion, breathes it and literally sh*ts fashion onto the market (okay watch it, potty mouth!).
I propose to host that event in Paris! Why not every year?
Imagine the Stade de France filled with fashionistas sipping martinis in cocktail dresses, watching Lagerfeld do the 200 meter silk cut!
See Galiano win the tulle skirt embroidery organza prize!
Watch Marc Jacobs win the LV bag throwing!
Witness Ghesquière running with scissors (ok it*s a lame one, but i ran out of jokes here)!
And what an opening ceremony that would be! Imagine the biggest catwalk on earth, filled with hundreds of skinny weightless models, fighting over the last sandwich! Which House of Couture will win?

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    I am Cedric, discoverer of things that would go unnoticed in the streets of Paris, historic haven of fashionistas and city of lights ('lights' as in 'enlightenment', not street lights).
    But seriously: I'm an expat from Luxembourg (the country, not the garden), living in the center of Paris (hence 'Paris 2nd arrondissement'), and currenlty studying architectural history...

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