"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


me: the shit machine wasnt working tonight
they will start feeding it sometime before museum night
and guess who will serve his food to the machine?
no other than luxembourgs most famous national cook
Erik: what is a shit machine?
me: its the cloaca thing
a huge machine that reproduces the human digestive process
you feed her with 5 tons of food and she will give you... genuine shit
Erik: oh how charming
me: yes, its quite controversial
Erik: who engineered this?
me: but i think it goes well with luxembourg and its overexcessive eating and foodwasting
a belgian artist called wim delvoye
lemme send you a pic with it, i downsize it
Erik: luxembourg is known for its overexcessive eating? this is news to me
sounds more like my country
me: hehe
well people here tend to lead a good life with lots of food and good cooking
Erik: lots of food and good cooking? when can I move in???
me: haha
Erik: seriously
me: my mom asked if you would come over here for christmas today
Erik: this christmas?! can't, spending it with my aunt.
me: i know
Erik: maybe next christmas though!
me: what i told her
Erik: I'll think about it!!!
me: you*re invited!
Erik: thanks! [smile]
wow I feel so happy
that's so considerate of her!
me: she always likes to care for others
(got the pic?)
Erik: yes i did
love the conveyor belt
me: yes
right side is food entry, left is shit exit
Erik: what would happen if a human got stuck in there?
me: at the exit it gets cut up in pieces and sold in vacuum bags
i wonder
the interior is big enough to digest a whole lot of people
Erik: lol
i think i know the real purpose of this machine!
me: I actually heard shit prices are up to 1400 dollars usually
Erik: concentration camps part 2!
me: yes, it really looks like that
it*s frightening
it*s gargantua!!
Erik: the shit machine is the new poisonous gas shower! shit machine is so in right now.
me: it is in the house!
in the museum house!
Erik: raise the roof
me: fohshizzle
actually there is a smaller version on display at the contemporary arts center also
i*ll see that one tomorrow night
producing slightly smaller shit
Erik: wow
i don't know whether to be amazed or disgusting or just to stare blankly into space
me: (someone woke up and started talking again! Meow! I wantz zkratshees!
most people here think like you
remember this country is still very conservative
and narrow minded sometimes
Erik: I'm not narrow minded
me: i got so many weird looks from strangers in the streets today, old people and people wearing things i would rather throw in the garbage than wear
Erik: this idea... I just don't see the point, art, and purpose of a machine that produces feces
me: the artist developped it with top scientists
and its usually on display at scientific museums also
and in art it continues the long line of artists dealing with the question of feces
an italian artist called piero manzoni actually put his own shit into cans and sold them as "artist*s shit"
but that was in the 70s i think
but art doesnt need to have a purpose, that*s why this machine is art
it produces something no one needs or wants
Erik: right
art is what it is
me: absolutely right
and best of all; this machine wastes a lot of money, so it*s great art!
Erik: lol
me: "love the machine!!!!!"
Erik: bow to the machine

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1 Responses to “CLOACA ON MY MIND”

  1. # Blogger Mademoiselle Soleil

    thats actually pretty fucking crazy..
    i can't seem to grasp the concept
    i mean i can't get my head around it at all..
    why?? lol  

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