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PARIS FASHION WEEK! It*s here! Weeeeeee!

Since last saturday, and onto next sunday 8th October, Paris is the capital of all things fashion once again!
You cannot get out onto the streets without noticing an important growth in beautiful people, walking around town in designer clothes, and the never ending ballets of black limousines queueing up in front of the catwalk palaces! The circus is back in town and shows us what we will wear in Spring-Summer 2008!
Last night, I went out on a short food hunt for dinner, when I ended up on the street behind a skinny tall girl in black cocktail dress and way too high heels. She couldn*t manage her shoes and almost collapsed on the sidewalk. I helped her back up on her feet, asking if she was alright. She nodded, while smiling, and gave me a "merci beaucoup", in an accent that sounded vaguely Italian to me.
She got back on her way, apparently she was late for an event, while i got to my Chinese take out at the corner and got my fat drenched food. Must have been more than she would have eaten all week.

This week will be jam packed with fashion shows. Many of the great houses have already had their event; today was the run for Dior, Westwood and Yamamoto amongst others, and to give you a peek, here is tomorrow*s schedule:

09:30 am
BALENCIAGA See invitation
10:30 am
JUNYA WATANABE See invitation
11:30 am
TSUMORI CHISATO Le Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Delorme*
12:30 pm MARITHÉ & FRANCOIS GIRBAUD Le Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Le Nôtre*
1:30 pm LUTZ Hôtel Ritz - 17 place Vendôme - Paris 1er
2:30 pm VIKTOR & ROLF
Espace Ephémère Tuileries - Paris 1er
Espace Jardins du Louvre - Paris 1er
4:30 pm ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Couvent des Cordeliers - Paris 6e
5:30 pm COMME DES GARCONS See invitation
7:00 pm JEAN PAUL GAULTIER 325 rue Saint-Martin - Paris 3e
8:00 pm VÉRONIQUE BRANQUINHO Garage Turenne - 66 rue de Turenne - Paris 3e
9:00 pm JEREMY SCOTT Elysée Montmartre - Paris 18e

BTW, CHANEL will be hitting the runway at the Grand Palais, as usual, at 10:30 am on Friday morning! I may not have an invitation but I certainly won*t miss the opportunity to go take a look at the fashionista crowd emerging from their limousines!

And for your viewing enjoyment, here are the videos I made at last year*s Kenzo fashion show I attended. I uploaded them this morning, and felt like sharing:

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  1. # Blogger Mademoiselle Soleil

    someday i want to go to a fashion week show.

    i was reading your twitter.. interesting new tool..
    and you had to go get chinese food to cure your hunger before you fainted..

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