"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


Dear blog, I might have forgotten to tell you this, but, since I seldom use this place to make my personal announcements (cough cough): I will be taking a transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York aboard the RMS Queen Mary II in June next year!
"Just like our ancestors did!"
"Yes, mom, I hear you!"
Seven days at sea, on board of the biggest transatlantic liner, together with 15 restaurants, bars, night clubs, 5 swimming pools, a musical theater, shopping center, ballroom and planetarium. What, NO private golf course or hippodrome? What about stock car race tracks? A subway system? Well at least they have wifi, so I will be able to post daily bulletins on you, dear blog, and report on daily life aboard a royal mail ship (aka lunching, dining, brunching, feasting, eating, snacking, stuffing, drinking... boy I will do my best to keep in shape and not put on weight!). Maybe I*ll take ballroom dance lessons to impress my man, or spend my day walking up and down the 1132 foot long distance from bow to stern (Yes I start using nautical terms so I can have a regular conversation with people on board... I wonder if they have a poop deck!).
Oh, and they have a dress code on that thing, so I will need to parade around in a tuxedo at captain*s dinner, and in something called "casual elegant" in public areas... so no Hawaii shirts or thongs and skintight shorts?
Me in a tux? Ohmilord I hope no one will take pictures of me and post them here (damn you my evil twin)...
I will have to buy some ocean outfits. I wonder if they still make those huge hats with the veil that blows in the wind. Definitely a sailors shirt with blue and white stripes, but no silly sailor*s hat! And some large sunglasses while I sip my cosmos on deck.
It will be a most delightful experience to play shuffleboard after scones and biscuits at 5 o*clock, and then play a partee of bridge before retiring to the gentleman*s smoking room to read the Times with a good old scotch together with the other chaps of the Reform Club! Jolly good!
With 148,528 gross tons, she might pretty much be the fattest queen on the ocean...

After arrival I will be spending a week in New York (yippeee) before flying over to the lone star state and visit my dear Erik (major yippeeeee!) and get some genuine Texas culture! I can*t wait for that to happen!
Who knows when I*ll be back...

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