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Evacuate the Louvre! The Germans are comming!

In 1937/38 as WWII was about to break out, Louvre director Jacques Jaujard decided to evacuate the museums collections. Most of the pieces got evacuated except for the biggest ones, which were protected by sand bags in the galleries.
The artworks got sent away, at first to the castle of Chambord, then moved around different castles on numerous occasions in a quite confusing way to keep the German enemy confused.
The emptied museum reopened under the occupation, mostly showing copies of the originals.

The grand windows protected by sandbags
the artwork getting packed into crates and boxes
moving the paintings out of the second floor
evacuating the victory of Samothracy over the stairs

the emptied galeries only bearing the frames
The Grande Galerie, emtied of its masterpieces
Egyptian wing statues covered against possible bombings
The Nazis visiting copies under the occupation

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  1. # Blogger Mademoiselle Soleil

    love it. especially the Nazi picture.  

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