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5PM, Wednesday 4th June 2008

As we are currently passing over the Faraday Fracture Zone, a large undersea mountain range of the mid Atlantic, we are currently geographically halfway between Europe and North America.

We also just ran into a thick fogbank, so visibility is quite challenged and the ship*s enormous foghorns are sounding every once in a while.

9AM, Thursday 5th June 2008

Breakfast just finished. The table was so filled with food that you almost had no room for your own hands. I had a salmon bagel with cream cheese.

The fog got thicker overnight, visibility is not visible anymore and the foghorn sounds regularly now.

The rain is pounding against the windows in the lounge as I sit here and write this. Occasional joggers pass my window, brave enough to withstand the heavy wind and wetness and slippery planks.

The lounge is deserted. Everyone is eating …what else! I skipped dinner last night because I felt so full of food and I couldn*t down anything. Not because of seasickness but only because I*m not used to eat that many times a day. I slept in the room and only arose at the local 11PM. At least I think it was 11PM, on this ship you can never tell what time has switched onto. We passed so many timezones already. In Luxembourg it would be noon by now, 11AM in London and 9 AM on wherever we are here. And 6AM in NY. Confusing? No way!

(jogger passing by again)

I*m on deck 7, which is where the promenade is that runs all around the ship. One lap is 1.1 Mile. I*m tired already. Too much breakfast. Too many friendly waiters who serve you anything. I had tea, coffee, OJ and a smoothie… let*s not hope for strong wind (the weather that is! Not bowel movements).

Thank god the library is providing us with all the newspapers of the free world, otherwise I*d not even be able to follow the big O on his winning trail. I*d be blogging about this now if I weren*t on this swimming foodcourt.

(jogger passing again)

Let me finish with some pics from yesterday, since today is too rainy for decent light outside.


the big Q

the big cleaning








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