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Pollocking around with a little help from my friend

Dripping and throwing around buckets of paint in the garage can indeed be fun, just look at the results. Jackson Pollock surely did discover a wonderful new way of doing something constructive while dancing around in rhythm on a floor-sized canvas. So this summer I decided to do the same and do some pollock-like drippings in order to create some larger pieces to fit in well enough with my parents new minimalistic furniture items and my repainted room.
This is a four-part piece all in red, but it will recieve a dripping of yellow and black later
cover your feet!
this one is done already and hangs in my room
this one recieved a coat of yellow today and still awaits more. dining room material.
this is my helper; the dog sleeping next to me throwing and splashing paint around. he survived without getting one drip onto his wonderful coat of hair.
he was a really happy doggy
look at me! I iz szleeping!

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