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Cutting Picasso

daniel buren musee picasso paris

By pursuing its policy to open the museum to contemporary art, the Picasso Museum at the aristocratic Hotel Salé, has given « carte blanche » to controversial iconoclast French artist Daniel Buren.

La Coupure, Daniel Buren's work in situ is a 16meter high wall dissecting the main courtyard and meeting the building at right angles. It is held in place by scaffolding and a structure made of laths and wooden panels. The surface of the screen-wall is dissected by a diagonal along its entire length (over 35 m) drawing two great triangles, one covered with mirrors and the other with black panels. The materials used are reflective polycarbonates. This reflective blade starts in the courtyard, travels the eleven metres to the facade, slices through all 3 floors, sticks out the windows at the back and comes to a stop eleven metres into the garden.
Daniel Buren’s work in situ includes the visual transformation of the main public spaces inside the Hôtel Salé as well.

If you wanna get a nice view, try to come around noon on a sunny day so the reflections can be much brighter.

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris

daniel buren musee picasso paris
The garden view (note that the garden facade is larger than the courtyard facade, and extends onto the right, so the blade is out of symmetry on this side)
daniel buren musee picasso paris

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  1. # Blogger Shirley

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  2. # Blogger Fiona

    That's lovely. I linked to it.  

  3. # Blogger Melissa - CityGirl

    that is wild! i visited the Picasso museum nearly 10 years ago...i loved the small scale and peacefulness of that more it seems!? i miss Paris and that neighborhood! ciao! mel :)  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Beautiful! Love the pic of you too.....could you be any more adorable???? :-)  

  5. # Blogger wendysito

    How gorgeous is that? Excellent pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Very nice this blog!
    I love...  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I need to go back to paris. Miss it.  

  9. # Blogger Unknown


  10. # Blogger Ab Khan

    nice stuff!!!  

  11. # Blogger Serendipity

    Just stumbled upon your post. I am from the US and I'm an art student. Just have to say that you are living my dream! I love art history and have always wanted to go to paris and study it more... not to mention the louvre!  

  12. # Blogger Lala

    I'm going to Paris next year! yeay! :]
    can you tell me any travel guide in Paris?  

  13. # Blogger yura chashin

    foto OK!!!!!  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    acctually i've never been to paris.i think i hate it though,paris stoled my best friend.:)nice pics.ur lovely:)  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  16. # Blogger TC

    Nice blog, crazy comments, love it!!! I like exclamation points TOO!!!  

  17. # Blogger TC

    I couldn't leave my comment @ first? Great blog, crazy comments, go together well, too bad about your hair and umbrellas! I like exclamation points too!!!  

  18. # Blogger c

    great photos on all of your posts, nice perspectives and random shots of the streets... will stop by again. i lived in paris for 5 years writing...not pleased to have left, you could call me paris 15e ;) enchanté a+ c  

  19. # Blogger Projeto Fotográfico

    Wonderful your blog, I loved the photos.  

  20. # Blogger Projeto Fotográfico

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  21. # Blogger H

    Wow.. I really enjoyed these pictures..  

  22. # Blogger TEETH

    I'm going to Europe for my Christmas vacation and I was planning on going to London but these pictures changed my mind indefinitely.  

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