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Clara Clara

Looks like a work of art you'd see in any modern art museum in the world at first.
But then as you step back...
You realize it is actually one of the many effects that "Clara Clara", a monumental sculpture by Richard Serra, has had on its surroundings since it got installed back into the Tuileries gardens in Paris for the Monumenta art show at the Grand Palais last year.
The sculpture, hugely controversial in the first years of its display in 1983 in public, got dismanteled and stored away from the public eye, since it was commissioned by the French government. Then suddenly came a renewed interest in Serra, and along with his nomination for the Monumenta in 2008 came the resurfacing of this iconic piece.
It got replaced into the Tuileries, the space for which it was originally commissioned, but was supposed to get dismanteled again once the exhibition was over. But it seems the sculpture is here to stay a bit longer. Interestingly enough, people now start to live with the sculpture, and even leave their mark on it, as these pictures show.
A huge display of feet and hands has covered the steel surface, making it more approachable to the general audience. Serra's work is generally seen from a critical point of view since he deals in very huge scales and the pieces are quite expensive to create and display.
But maybe the Parisians have now statred to open up their hearts to this weird curiosum and have reached out their hands. Litterally.


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2 Responses to “Clara Clara”

  1. # Blogger Lala

    The sculpture is so cool.
    Marking their territories? XD I hate my cate because of that! lol  

  2. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    What a very fascinating, curious,
    monumental (is the correct word!)
    sculpture. Being an artist,but of course, I like it very much!
    Once again! thanks, for sharing!
    Dcd ;-D  

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