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Architecture, Shopping and Japanese Pasta

Welcome to yet another journey through Paris, during August, the merriest touristiest boringiest and summer-holiest month of the year. Temperatures are ridiculously low for the season and rain is something we do get every week...
Today*s tour starts at the surroundings of the Elysée Palace at Faubourg St-Honoré.

Fun facts: During the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, the building receded in importance, becoming a furniture warehouse, then a print factory, then a dance hall.
Oh, and apparently Chirac increased the Palace's budget by 105% to 90 million euros per year, according to the book 'L'argent caché de l'Élysée'. 1 million euros per year is spent on drinks alone for the guests invited to the Élysée Palace. 6.9 million euros per year on bonuses for presidential staff, 6.1 million euros per year on the 145 extra employees Chirac hired after he was elected in 1995, and 81,012 euros per year as a salary for the President.

The 'Grille du Coq', the Palace grounds garden gate, with its freakin french roosterThe East Wing, with offices of the First Lady (pretty much like the White House East Wing)
"I*m guarding the President Bitch; even when he*s at the Bush compound. Take pictures of me, I won*t smile, but I will secretly hate you for the rest of my life"
Opposite the Elysée: Shoe shopping for wealthy Bernadette Chirac followers
The Hermes building lost under a cover for renovation works
"I*m a CHANEL bitch, don*t look at my badly cut wig and make-up, because it might make you think twice about the notion of "excellence and perfection" my brand is all about..."
"I am a Taco Bell bitch! Don*t look at me too closely or I will bite you.. in your toes"
"I*m a Gucci bitch! buy cheap copies of my bags from your local street vendor"
"I*m just a regular bitch with too large sunglasses!"
"I*m a Galliano bitch! Look at the technological marvels on my cap that make me look like a bum in the streets""Well I*m a church, so don*t fuck with me!"
"I*m a coat made of human hair! Wash me twice with l*Oréal, because I*m worth it!"
"I*m walking the dog! And waiting for you to finish off with these silly pictures you take! Let*s move!"
Ok moving on! Just look at all those vélibs the city of Paris is giving to us! About 800 vélib stations all around Paris! And all you see on the avenues is bikes! Lovely summer!
Reading the latest summer issue of the American Vogue at WHSmith
Details of the Louvre
On the other side of the Seine! Apartment buildings behind 18th century facades
with posh views on the river and all the monuments
The courtyard of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, with their collection of sculptures and architectural fragments. The 2 columns on the sides are actually pieces of the old Tuileries Palace
Cast iron doors of vegetate beauty
The antiques shops really try to sell you anything hideous! Try to put this in your window during your summer vacation, at least no burglar will bother you with his visit, if he has some decency in his taste...
"Stop following me, you silly paparazzi"
Oh the devil*s curly hair is renting out bikes... watch out! Eeeck
The Bon Marché department store, regarded as the first department store in the world. The creator was Aristide Boucicaut. The store was founded as a small shop in Paris during 1838, and was a fixed-price department store from about 1850. It was a successful business, and a new building was constructed for the store by Boileau and Gustave Eiffel in 1876.

Wonderful mosaic details
Clocks at Conran Shop
And a fascinating coffee table made with an old arcade game that still works
The Bon Marché Food Court, a yummy place to be
food glorious food
Where we get fat
The Hotel Lutetia, built in 1910, and is considered one of the first major Art Deco buildings in Paris, even though the heyday of Art Deco did not really begin until the following decade. It was founded by the Bon Marché department store, which sits opposite it.

Lots of fascinating architecture in the neighborhood...

Even a 19th century gothic revival mansion nested between apartment towers
Let*s go for a drink now!
And then for some delicious Japanese food with Guislaine! Yes at a very typical restaurant where all the staff start to talk to you in Japanese before translating into french! Aren*t we lucky cats!
I can has noodles pliiz!
Oh and after a great pasta meal, we get told by the owner that they have way better pasta at another location 3 houses further down the street on our right, and they would also be less expensive! "So why did you come here to eat noodles, we speciality in fish! you fools! Ah ahaha!"

Velibs after dark are as fascinating
On my way back home from Bastille, at 2 AM, the streets of paris are completely deserted! A magic moment without any noise or passers by. No cars, no bikes no nothing...
Saint-Paul in the distance
Me, being fascinated by the shades in 18th century architecture...

A lost soul wandering the streets of Paris on this godforsaken hour.
It*s nearly 3 in the morning and I*m walking alone
an uprising moment of joy! I had to hang out on this spot for some time, for a certain reason I won*t elaborate further on this place I think...
The Perle, deserted! Only an hour ago I was there enjoying a glass of wine with all those creatures of the night...
Beaubourg in the night...

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