"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


I have to face the fact: I am hopelessly covered in books. My library is expanding and expanding, there is no more space on the shelves since 2 years ago, and books keep piling up in most of the corners of my apartment, sometimes functioning as tables and seats. And in the magazines and newspaper department, it looks even worse! Where to put all this stuff?
If I buy a new library, I know that I will be tempted to buy more books because I see all this newly created free space, and also I will need to find a place to put the new library. And I love my space, I don*t want it to get cramped.
This morning I nearly got tempted to actually count my books. Nearly. For a second or so. Then I decided to roughly estimate. About 850 books, not counting those that lie in another bookcase I forgot. Oh and the magazines? Don*t even go there!
And then of course there are those books still back in Luxembourg. Filling up 3 enormous bookcases (more than I got here).

I cannot live without my books! They have to be around me and fill up the place I live in. They make me breathe. I sometimes fall asleep on them. I love the smell of a newly opened book that you just took out of the plastic cover... am I insane? Other people collect toilet seats... (well ok I collect pictures of toilets...) I collect books. Weird books, ancient books, stuff in languages I cannot even read. Why not have a Japanese book on kimono patterns of the 18th century, or an Arab dictionary? You never know when you may need this stuff.

My dream home would first of all get planed around the huge library I will set up in it. That*s for sure...

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2 Responses to “MY OBSESSION”

  1. # Blogger guislaine

    hi Cédric!

    what a lucky boy! your library is so big! i like too to have plenty of books around me and smells pages of a new book...But i don't have as many books as you :)

    excuse me for my bad english...I take lessons to improve it!  

  2. # Blogger .

    But you know, an overflowing library is a better sign than, say, an overflowing collection of video games.

    Or something like that.

    You're a cultured man!  

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