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The Good, the Bad,... the Ugly?!

Ah, nothing more charming than a female head of state! They wear make-up, jewelry and can vary their clothes, unlike male politicians with their eternal suit and tie. So when you get bored by what your leader speaks about on tv, at least you can get distracted by her shoes or wonder on where she got her dress from. It*s the 'other side' of politics.

Representing the mother of a nation can be a tough job, but you still need to manage to look...good. Well not really that good... I mean you*re quite old aren*t you? What are you? Like 50? 60?...70?? No more working baby-box? Well at least you got your hair left... who would vote for a female candidate that*s started losing her hair...can you imagine Hillary with the hair of Dick Cheney? mmmh a feast for the eyes.

It startled me to note that there is a certain resemblance in Hillary and German chancellor Angela Merkel... well thank god Hillary has a better haircut and some sort of fashion style (or a good consultant), but could she live up to some of her great forerunners in women*s fashion for top politics, like dear gay icon Margaret Thatcher and her colorful dresses of the 70s and 80s?
Or will she settle for the 'potatobag style' of a quite fashion confused Merkel?Let*s hope that we won*t have to see this awful image performed by any other female head of state ever again. One can only wonder what Angie was thinking when she wanted to expose the bosom of the German nation. A view that you*d rather find in a book of 19th century etchings from the brothels of Europe? Or did she just wear her dress the wrong way round?
Now I actually start to wonder if she might also have worn her hair the wrong way around... put a sald bowl on your head and just cut all around it, did you? Well, at least the Wirtschaftswunder works...

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