"Infotainment? What the hell are you talking about?"


Getting tanked at the Commodore Club with martinis and cosmopolitans sure is a fun thing…even at 10:30 in the morning. The fog has gone and a shiny bright day awaits us on the open seas.

Our restaurant manager confirmed, there are 2500 guests onboard this ship, and yet it seems as if the boat was completely empty on a lot of occasions; except maybe the open buffet area where people munch 24/7. If in Radio City “the fun never sets”, onboard the Queen Mary II “the eating never stops”.

Remember those pics I took of the Queen Elizabeth as we were steaming out of Southampton harbor? I found out there were 3 queens in Southampton that day. Queen Elizabeth II (the monarch, not the boat) paid a visit to the Queen Elizabeth II (the steamer, not the monarch), together with a huge list of other official guests such as former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, to pay homage to the ship, which will stop its service and settle down in the Emirates to become a fixed hotel on the shoreline. So on that evening, somewhere on deck of the Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth II, as the professional waver that she is, must have been standing waving back at us wavers! What a royal waving delight.

Right now I*m listening to Stan Getz*s “Girl from Ipanema” on the tv*s intern music database as the sea breeze floats through the opened balcony doors. I could listen to that song a million times a day in here and not get sick of it. Most people call it “elevator music”…

Only one more hour before lunch is served. I can see myself waiting in line for one of those mediums who magically guess your weight. He*d look at me briefly and say “a lot”. Thanks Cunard.

On the program tonight is some big band ball…and a country and western party at the nightclub. Yet another thing I won*t be attending.

9:48AM Friday 6th June 2008

Just finished breakfast. We are currently behind the Grand Banks, on the same spot where the Titanic sank. Later today we will reach the southeast of Sable Island, a small Canadian island 180km SE of Nova Scotia, and then reach Nova Scotia in the late evening.

Yesterday we celebrated the 43rd wedding anniversary of our good friends with whom we share the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. Champagne and wine was in order, and will still be in order tonight as we will celebrate my parent*s 27th wedding anniversary. Both our wedding parties decided on personalized dinner plans, and our perfect maitre d* was more than excited to take our menu suggestions.

Yesterday afternoon we all went to the planetarium to see the “starstuff”. To the narrating voice of Tom Hanks, a whole group of people were snoring away the presentation of our star systems and the Virgo super cluster…

This evening is formal dress-up time as we prepare for the Royal Ascot Ball. Hats required for ladies attending.

The wind outside today is very strong and keeps making those high pitched noises...

Soon in NY!!!








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