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Luxembourg City Historic Walk (part 1)

Going for a stroll through Luxembourg's old city parts and hunting down historic buildings and places of interest from various ages. Let's hope it won't rain today, since the sky is very cloudy.

Wonderful art nouveau window frames in the main shopping street, almost ignored by the busy shoppers below them
art nouveau roof windows

the tower of "Conrot's Eck" building (1897), with the red lion, national symbol of pride and identity, visible below the bulb
conrot's eck tower

further below, a pieta from 1570 is installed inside the building's corner, as a reminder of its former tenants, the guild house of the city's butchers and bakers
conrot's eck pieta

a look down south from Conrot's Eck, onto the "Lentzen Eck" building
conrot's eck, view down to lentzen eck

the view onto rue du Nord, a tiny narrow street with shops and restaurants
old city streets

the former palace of justice, dating back to 1565 when it was the governor's palace
former high court of justice

behind the new national museum
behind the national museum

the former tavern of the "welle mann" (wild man)
beim welle mann tavern

footbridge connecting parts of the museum
passage connection for national museum

one of the main entrance gates of the medieval city was through this tunnel
old city gate

the "wild man" giving its name to the building whose corner side he occupies
welle mann


these streets are again packed with ugly graffit
rue wiltheim

fragments of coats of arms above an ancient door

a golden pieta

this unseeing little hole is called "Scheieschlach" and it was the oldest road leading into the city, dating back to Roman times. unfortunately the road doesn't exist anymore today, and the hole leads onto an interior court and gardens with a view

down we go now

to get a view onto the other plateau in front of us, where the skyscrapers of Kirchberg and institutional buildings for the EU popped out between the trees and former ramparts of the fortress. the towers on the left are the European Court of Justice, on the right we see the MUDAM and the future building of the national library. tiny on the right lower part is a spanish tower
view kirchberg

and back out of Scheieschlach we go again

a freshly renovated door

a former convent and hospital, awaiting renovation work. currently its a retirement home, but it will soon be turned into expensive appartments with amazing views
former convent and hospital

Now this is a real treat for us: the oldest house in the city. It got used as a city hall in the 10th century and as a police post under the french occupation. Since 1824 has this place been a tavern
ennert de steiler

at the back side of the grand-ducal palace, a detailed medallion shows Ermesinde I, countess of Luxembourg from 1197-1247
palace ermesinde

a heavily decorated door in the street behind the palace, belonging to the former 'Hotel de Luxembourg'. The 'Café Francais' was installed in this house from 1807-1837, and even served as a stage to theater troupes.
old door

the sculptures on the roof of the government house

view onto the towers of the cathedral notre dame

archaeological excavations in the rue de l'eau
archeological excavations

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2 Responses to “Luxembourg City Historic Walk (part 1)”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    its strange but when you live in a place, you don't even see all those things, im pretty sure, there are many more!  

  2. # Blogger Laszlo

    Awesome!!! Thank you!  

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