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Louvre Time - the weirder side of the Pantheon of arts and mass tourism

Oogling time once again in the grand tourist central of Paris, also known as the Louvre.

It is commonly known that most visitors to the Louvre are one-timers; meaning they will only come and visit this place once on a trip to Paris, with the obligatory visiting of the Mona Lisa, Venus of Milo and Victory of Samothrace, and if there still is time on their 15 minute time schedule, also a visit to the local toilets. Viewing that much art in such a short amount of time does certainly create bowel movements to the mass-tourist.



The gallery of Italian sculpture, finally freed of its long time stench of too much desinfecting material. The famous sculptures of the Slaves of Michelangelo weren't just looking like they were suffering. You try to spend your lifetime in a surrounding infested 24/7 by a stench of rotten eggs!


The writer and his coffee time at café Mollien, a well deserved break from culture in order to let the creativity flow again.

"We love art"


The fascinating "new contemporary wall fragment renovation" gallery has a fascinating new contemporary wall fragment renovation collection on display at the moment: It displays prominent and commonly reknown new contemporary wall fragments... just in case you were wondering.

"This one has a lot of volume to it. Very delightful."

"Ah the verve of this one! What a verve."

"Now this particular area reminds me of the late Rothko. A fascinating new perspective indeed!"

"The fragmentation of fragments in their natural display is so full of life as one can see on this precise corner of a larger piece entitled 'the wall. a popular remake of walled fragments from 2001' "

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4 Responses to “Louvre Time - the weirder side of the Pantheon of arts and mass tourism”

  1. # Blogger Fiona

    I guess we didn't get the memo.

    We came twice. We ignored the ML, VdM, and WS in favor of Napolean's apartments. No one in my party left a deposit in the toilets.

    Perhaps we ought to return so we can have the authentic experience. If so, should we bring a "fanny pack" and wear black socks with sandals and loudly say, "Wowee, Marge! Them sure are some weird lookin' pitchers!!"?  

  2. # Blogger Mom in High Heels

    Fiona, that was hilarious! Apparently we didn't get the memo either. I've been to the Louvre 8 times. Yes, I have seen the VdM, ML, and all that, because, well, you HAVE to, but I personally prefer the Egyptian rooms, the sculpture rooms and Napoleon's apartments. I have also visited the toilets, but when you spend hours wandering around you're eventually going to need the toilet. Also, one visit took place during my pregnancy and I think I may have visited every bathroom in the louvre.  

  3. # Blogger Dakota Bear

    I can say I have spent four days in the Louvre, but did not see ML, VdM or WS. They are on my list of things to see. But, there is so much more in the Louvre that is more interesting.

    I must say I did skip going to the Louvre when I was in Paris this past June. Maybe next time I'm over there.  

  4. # Blogger Fashion_Loving_Stylist

    I all my trips to Paris, I've never been to the louvre. I prefer the Orsay or the Picasso Museum instead. I don't know if that makes me uncultured but at least I'm honest.  

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